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Betancourt Nutrition was founded by Jorge Betancourt in 2002 in Miami, Florida, USA. Jorge is a husband, father and former National Physique Committee (NPC) bodybuilding champion athlete and media spokesperson with over 20 years of experience and a reputation for credibility. Long overdue is an intelligently rebellious company capable of saving the bodybuilding community from atrophy, not only of muscle but of mind. The goal of Betancourt Nutrition is to provide the hardcore bodybuilding nonconformist with an alternative to the homogenised repetitiveness of the typical supplement companies by developing “addictively sweet” and “immediately anabolic” formulas capable of reliably re-charging the senses. Training, recovering, building, improving - Betancourt Nutrition has broken out of the soulless, tasteless mould of contemporary bodybuilding supplement formulas and made the achievement of these goals intensely real and flavourful. Setting Betancourt Nutrition further apart from the “herd” is the fact that it has its own manufacturing laboratory where its team of expert nutritional architects formulate, test and certify every supplement with attention to detail, passion and perseverance. That's where Betancourt Bullnox was born, and where other passion-driven products will also emerge.

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