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Adapt, Migrate, or Die...Whining is Not an option for those who refuse to accept Mediocrity. With these words, ALR Industries was founded in 2001 by Author L. Rea. Author L. Rea has lived his entire life by this motto, and he knew in 2001 that the time had to come to apply the knowledge he had learned from a lifetime spent in bodybuilding and research to a new purpose. ALR Industries was born to provide those who refuse to accept mediocrity the tools to reach their full potential. Author L. Rea is not only a bodybuilder himself, but also one of the scientists behind the development of all the ALR Industries products. His combined experience of more than three decades in the worlds of bodybuilding, and biological research and development, has lead to some of the most inventive and effective supplements for bodybuilding, health, and fitness ever created. As the author of three books and 100's of articles on human performance and health, Author L. Rea has shared his passion for never accepting mediocrity with the world. We stand behind the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of all our products and are committed to constantly raising the bar and setting new standards for quality and effectiveness in the supplement industry. It is the passion of everyone on the Team at ALR Industries, to give those who are working hard, the tools to push beyond their limits.

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