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Buy Amino Acids Blends Online for Your Best Body Ever!

Have you just started on your fitness journey? Are you confused about the right kind of supplement to boost your workout regimen? At Protein King, we stock the best amino acids formulas that serve the purpose right and give you bang for your buck.

We stock all the brands of amino acid formulas that are the most trusted across the Australian bodybuilding fraternity and fitness enthusiasts. Our prices remain competitive—because we retail online, we can save on operating costs unlike our store competitors.

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The Essentials of Amino Acid Formulas

Amino acids formulas are the base of building muscles. Even though amino acids have their sources in protein rich foods like meat, poultry, fish, leafy greens and dairy, if you train like an athlete, there’s a good chance your body still needs amino acid supplements.

As branched amino acids aren’t produced within the body naturally, we recommend supplementing with one of our amino acid formulas which have proven benefits. However, not every composition is ideal for everyone. You need to strike the right balance between your diet and the supplement that you plan on taking.

Amino Acid Blends and Why You Need Them

Among more than 80 different amino acids out of which the body only uses 20, the BCAAs or the Branched Chain Amino Acids are critical. They are excellent for anyone looking to get lean and toned without losing your hard-earned muscle. Supplements like ASN Humanofort contain embryonic extract with BCAA that influences muscle building, growth and steady recovery post heavy workout sessions. Another great product is Controlled Labs Purple Wraath for increased stamina and performance - crafted for athletes and bodybuilders alike.

Explore our complete range of amino acid blends online. Not sure of which product to pick? Talk to our dietary supplement experts for further assistance today!