Alternatives to EHP Labs Oxyshred

Alternatives to EHP Labs Oxyshred

Alternatives to EHP Labs Oxyshred

Most of us love Oxyshred - the EHP Labs fat burner that is taking Australia by storm. It's one of the most potent and delicious supplements on the market (you can read our review here). One of the main problems with Oxyshred, unfortunately, is that the supplier is constantly out of stock, leaving loyal Oxyshred users high and dry for weeks at a time.

While there's a shortage of Oxyshred currently, there are quite a few other excellent fat burners out there that can get you through until it lands in Australia again. Who knows, you might just fall in love with the alternative you try and stick with it!

Nutrabolics Thermal XTC Powder

Nutrabolics is one of the fastest-growing brands in the world, and already has a huge following. They create excellent supplements that back up their claims.

Thermal XTC Powder is a powdered fat burner, much like Oxyshred, and features many of the same ingredients, such as African mango, tyrosine, caffeine, raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract. In fact, it's probably the closest alternative to Oxyshred ingredients-wise, and a good choice if you're looking for something different.

Beast 2 Shredded

After Oxyshred, Beast 2 Shredded is the best-selling fat burner out there, and has a massive following both in Australia and worldwide.

2 Shredded is quite different to EHPLabs Oxyshred in terms of ingredient profile, but is also an excellent thermogenic. 2 Shredded features ingredients such as beta-alanine, green tea, naringin, choline and coffee Arabica. Also quite potent!

Promera Health Capsi-Blast

Promera's Capsi-Blast is another powerful thermogenic that's recently been released in Australia. Like the other Promera products, Capsi-Blast is a micro-dose supplement, with only 1.8g per serve.

Capsi-Blast focuses on only four main ingredients - beta-alanine, red pepper fruit, caffeine anhydrous and black pepper extract, and is great if you want a fat burner with much less stimulant effect that Oxyshred or the others on this list.

Power Performance Body Effects

Another extremely popular fat burner, Body Effects offers some similar ingredients to Oxyshred, such as CLA, tyrosine and caffeine. Body Effects also has a good dose of fibre, vitamins and minerals for overall health. Until 2 Shredded and Oxyshred came along, Body Effects was by far the most popular fat burner out there!

Don't despair if Oxyshred is out of stock for a few weeks, there are definitely other options for you! Any of the products on the list will help you boost energy levels and burn body fat, and with the popularity they currently have, don't be surprised if you fall in love with one of them yourself!

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