Axis Labs CLA Softgels Review


Axis Labs CLA Softgels

Axis Labs CLA Softgels Review

Axis Labs has quickly become one of the most trusted international supplement brands, with excellent formulations and a second-to-none quality control process. Axis Labs products are rigorously tested for purity and potency, and regularly exceed the expectations of their customers as well as regulatory bodies.

Axis Labs CLA Softgels are marketed as the ‘perfect non-stimulant fat burning supplement’ – assisting metabolic function without the jitters, crash and side effects of many fat burners. CLA Softgels include two specific fatty acids which have shown promise in reducing body fat levels, assisting with metabolism and inhibiting fat storage.

CLA Softgels Key Ingredients

·       CLA Blend – The only active ingredients in Axis Labs CLA comes from a blend of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and safflower oil. CLA is a fatty acid that is naturally-occurring in meat and dairy, particularly in grass-fed animals, while safflower oil is one of the only non-animal sources of CLA.
CLA has shown in multiple research studies that it can be a powerful weight loss and fat loss tool, most powerfully assisting fat reduction, lean mass increases and better overall body composition.

CLA Softgels Flavours & Sizes

Axis Labs CLA Softgels come in a 90-softgel container.

CLA Softgels Dosage

Although each 90-softgel bottle of Axis Labs CLA contains 90 servings, you’ll want to increase the dosage for optimal fat loss results. The wealth of research on CLA suggests that you’ll get the best results from approximately 3.2g of CLA daily, from supplements and foods. If you’re big on grass-fed meat and dairy, you can probably get away with 1-2g from your CLA supplement, while if you’re a vegetarian/vegan, you should definitely shoot for the 3g mark. At 3g per day, one bottle will last you a month. You can spread the dose throughout the day or take it all at once, but it’s probably best to take it with food.

Why we like CLA Softgels

  • 30 full serves at the recommended 3g/day dose
  • Two CLA sources
  • Jitter/crash-free fat burning


CLA has been an important fat loss tool for many years, whether as a naturally-occurring component of a healthy diet, or as a supplementary addition to one. Axis Labs CLA Softgels each contain one gram of conjugated linoleic acid – one of the most impressive (and natural) fat burning and weight management ingredients on the market. Three grams daily of a CLA supplement such as Axis Labs CLA should give you excellent results in terms of body composition, lean mass increases and fat loss.

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