Axis Labs Hypertest XTR Review

Axis Labs Hypertest XTR Review

Axis Labs Hypertest XTR Review

Axis Labs has quickly become one of the most trusted international supplement brands, with excellent formulations and a second-to-none quality control process. Axis Labs products are rigorously tested for purity and potency, and regularly exceed the expectations of their customers as well as regulatory bodies.

With Hypertest being a solid performer for Axis Labs over a number of years, they’ve refreshed the formula somewhat with the new Hypertest XTR - it’s actually a completely different product. Bearing the Hypertest name, you know that Hypertest XTR is going to be a powerful test booster and estrogen minimiser – both key elements of an optimised hormone system for packing on muscle. Hypertest XTR now comes in a 180 capsule bottle (60 more capsules than Hypertest) – meaning that more ingredients are packed into each powerful serve. Here’s what’s in the new formula:

Axis Labs Hypertest XTR Key Ingredients

  • Total T-Optimiser – The only ingredient in this portion of the ingredients panel is d-aspartic acid (DAA). Research has shown DAA to be a powerful test booster, working its’ magic in little time to deliver a powerful free test boost.
  • Free-T Activator – Next up in Hypertest XTR is the Free-T Activator blend, made up of two powerful ingredients – LJ100 (longjack extract) and urtica dioica. Longjack has been a favourite of tradition Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, used mainly as a libido booster. Since then, it’s found a following in supplements that work to increase testosterone and physical performance. Urtica dioica is also known as stinging nettle, and is included for its’ ability to combat sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG binds to testosterone, making it unavailable for use within the body – commonly someone who has high total test levels and low free test levels experiences high SHBG, which makes much of the free testosterone unusable.
  • Cortisol Neutraliser – This is another single-ingredient blend in Hypertest XTR, containing just ashwaghanda root extract. This is a popular ingredient for combating cortisol – the stress hormone that breaks down muscle tissue.

Axis Labs Hypertest XTR Flavours & Sizes

Hypertest XTR comes in a 180 capsule bottle (30 serves).

Axis Labs Hypertest XTR Dosage

Each 6-capsule serving of Hypertest XTR delivers: 490mg ZMA, 3120mg DAA, 560mg Free-T Activator blend and 300mg Cortisol Neutraliser. Overall, these are excellent doses of effective ingredients, and are ideally taken in one serve before bedtime. Follow the directions and take 6 capsules before bed for a minimum of eight weeks for optimal results.

Axis Labs Hypertest XTR Features

  • Clinically-valid doses
  • 30 full serves
  • Increases testosterone, boosts free test levels and reduces cortisol

The Bottom Line

Axis Labs Hypertest XTR is a powerful test booster and hormone optimiser, delivering several powerful ingredients at excellent doses. Use for a minimum of two months for full benefit, and enjoy the positive effects of strength, libido and recovery that comes with increased free testosterone levels.

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