BSN Whey DNA Review

BSN Whey DNA Review

BSN Whey DNA Review

BSN’s new DNA series is a line of versatile supplements, focussing on the most effective raw materials that can be stacked together or used with your current products. The DNA series includes several staples in supplementation, including creatine, glutamine, whey protein, CLA, carnitine and fish oil, all of which are highly pure and easy to combine with one another. This makes it easy to supplement with BSN products to your exact individual needs.

BSN Whey DNA is the newest protein with the BSN logo on it, and is a far more basic choice than the Syntha-6 products currently offered. Whey DNA combines whey concentrate and isolate with flavours, sweeteners and gums for a much higher in protein and less in additive protein powder.

BSN Whey DNA Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend – Whey DNA combines whey concentrate and whey isolate – two staple protein sources. These two when combined are extremely high in amino acids, particularly BCAA’s, which help to restore muscles after damage from exercise, as well as help build new muscle, reduce soreness and boost immune function. Whey proteins digest fairly quickly, so Whey DNA will deliver the majority of amino acids into your system within two hours of ingestion – perfect for post-workout.

BSN Whey DNA Flavours & Sizes

Whey DNA comes in a 25 serve container (approx. 812g), in Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Cream and Vanilla Cream varieties.

BSN Whey DNA Dosage

With a far higher protein content as compared to Syntha-6, Whey DNA provides 24g protein per 33g serve, for approx. 73% protein. This is a decent protein percentage, particularly taking into account the flavour systems of BSN – they always deliver exceptional taste. With 24g protein per serve, 1-2 serves per day would be ideal for most, especially pre and post-workout, where the fast-digesting protein can work its magic.

BSN Whey DNA Features

  • Leanest BSN protein on the market
  • Excellent flavours
  • Whey-only for a nice amino acid hit


BSN’s new DNA series has hit Australia, with Whey DNA delivering a simple and effective protein powder. With a whey concentrate/whey isolate combination and not much else, it’s the same BSN flavour and texture you’ve come to know and love, with a far leaner ingredient panel. Whey DNA, like the rest of the DNA series, is ideal for anyone looking to gain better control of their specific nutrient intake, whilst still using BSN’s high quality supplements.

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