Balance WPI Protein Review

Balance WPI Protein Review

Balance WPI Protein Review

Balance Sports Nutrition is a trusted manufacturer of proteins, amino acids, and a whole host of other supplements for enhancing athletic performance and aesthetics. Balance sources the highest quality raw materials from New Zealand - globally recognised as supplying some of the purest milk protein in the world.

Balance WPI Protein is a pure whey isolate supplement designed to enhance lean muscle growth and support recovery from exercise. Balance WPI Protein is one of the purest whey isolate supplements on the market, with very few additives (less than 3%) to ensure you receive exactly what you're paying for.

Balance WPI Protein Key Ingredients

  • Whey Protein Isolate - Balance WPI contains whey protein isolate as the only protein source - this is the highest quality milk protein source available. Whey protein isolate is filtered a number of times to ensure that a minimal amount of fat, carbs and other non-proteins are eliminated from the mix. What's left is a pure, high-BCAA source of protein which digests quickly and ensures your muscles a fed immediately.

Balance WPI Protein Flavours & Sizes

Balance WPI Protein comes in two sizes - 1.5kg and 2.8kg, in Divine Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla and Unflavoured varieties.

Balance WPI Protein Dosage

Each serve of Balance WPI Protein is 30g, delivering approximately 26.6g of protein (88.6%). This is an excellent protein percentage, with only a few products cracking the 90% barrier (see our Pure WPI). This makes Balance WPI Protein one of the highest quality proteins on the market currently. You can use WPI Protein multiple times throughout the day as needed, especially around your workouts.

Why we like Balance WPI Protein

  • Extremely high protein percentage (88.6%)
  • Very few additives (< 3%)
  • Flavoured or unflavoured


While Balance's supplement line has always been regarded as high in quality and purity, Balance WPI Protein is surely one of the highest quality supplements of any brand on the market. With nearly 89% protein, very few additives, and a number of flavour options, Balance WPI Protein is the ideal protein source for anyone looking to maximise lean muscle growth.

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