Betaine Supplements


What is Betaine?

Betaine is a naturally-occuring chemical found in a variety of foods. It is also known as trimethylglycine (TMG). Betaine is also produced in the body and helps with a number of processes.

Where can I get Betaine from?

Betaine is produced from amino acids and is mainly found in the stomach and liver. Betaine can come from a variety of foods, especially sugar beets, shellfish, spinach, cereals and flour. Betaine is also a common ingredient in many supplements.

What are Betaine's Benefits?

Betaine is used as a medical supplement, as well as a bodybuilding/sports nutrition supplement due to the many benefits it provides. There has been very positive research backing the use of betaine as a supplement to improve athletic performance. Some of the research-proven athletic benefits of betaine include:

  • More powerful jumping
  • More powerful bench throw
  • More forceful squats
  • 30% more squat reps
  • More forceful bench press

In short, betaine has been shown to significantly improve strength, energy and power. It has also been used as a supplement to reduce risk of heart disease, stroke and liver disease.

What are Betaine's Side Effects?

Betaine's side effects are mild, and may include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach upset
  • Elevated cholesterol levels

Who should use Betaine?

Betaine should be used by anyone looking to improve their physical performance, especially athletes looking to increase their energy levels, force production or strength levels.

Betaine Dosage

The most promising research on betaine supplementation measured results for 14 days at 2.5g of betaine per day. This appears to be the optimal daily dosage at the moment.

Betaine Supplements

Betaine is found in many supplements due to the benefits it can provide. It is most often found in pre-workout supplements, which provide energy and nutrients to improve muscle building and strength producing abilities. Some popular betaine supplements include: Purus Labs Condense, BSN No Xplode 2.0 and Controlled Labs Purple Wraath.

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