Body Ripped Thermogen XXXtreme Review

Body Ripped Thermogen XXXtreme Review

Body Ripped Thermogen XXXtreme Review

While Body Ripped, one of Australia's most popular supplement suppliers, is known for its extensive protein powder range, with popular products such as Superior Protein System and Hydroxy Ripp Pro, it also stocks an excellent range of specialty products such as fat burners, amino acids and preworkouts.

Thermogen XXXtreme is Body Ripped's fat burning capsule product, and combines a number of powerful herbal extracts to create an excellent thermogenic product. Thermogen XXXtreme increases the body's natural ability to utilise fat stores for energy, ramping up metabolism, thyroid function and body heat.

Key Ingredients

  • Coleus Forskohlii - Coleus Forskohlii is a tropical plant which is commonly harvested to provide forskolin - an extract found in the plant. Forskolin has been used in a number of research studies as a fat loss aid, helping to preserve lean body mass and reduce fat mass, and in one study as much as a 4.5kg loss in body fat in just 12 weeks. Coleus Forskohlii is becoming more and more popular as a supplement with impressive results like these.

  • Guarana - Guarana is a plant native to South America, especially Brazil, and its fruits are commonly picked and used for its stimulant effects, which contain on average twice the amount of stimulant as a coffee bean. Guarana is commonly used in energy drinks as well as weight loss supplements for its stimulant effects which increase the body's metabolic rate.

  • Green Tea Extract - Like the other ingredients in Thermogen XXXtreme, green tea extract has also been shown to have some excellent fat-loss properties associated with it. Green tea extract is a potent metabolic stimulator, and in addition to the increased fat burning ability of your body, green tea extract also help to shrink the size of fat cells.

Flavours & Sizes

Body Ripped Thermogen XXXtreme comes in a 90 capsule bottle, which is 30 days at the full dosage protocol.


Each capsule of Thermogen XXXtreme contains the equivalent of 19mg forskolin, 2.75g guarana, 7mg synephrine, 833mg of green tea extract and 83.3mg tyrosine. These are good numbers for a fat burner, and you should see some excellent effects from just 1-2 capsules per day, though one serve of 3 capsules is the recommended daily dose.

What we like about Thermogen XXXtreme

  • Contains proven fat burners
  • Excellent doses
  • At least a full 30-day supply per bottle


With the excellent results obtained in numerous research studies using the ingredients in Body Ripped Thermogen XXXtreme, it stands to reason that it is one of the most potent fat burners out there. While it might not be extremely high in stimulants like other thermogenics on the market, Thermogen XXXtreme definitely packs a punch, and is an excellent choice for anyone looking to drop body fat quickly.

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