Body Science Body Protein Stix Review

Body Science Body Protein Stix Review

Body Science Body Protein Stix Review

Body Science (BSc) has undergone some major changes in 2014, with a complete rebranding and reformulation of all their sports nutrition products. Now Body Science is the only Australian company that can boast no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners in any of their products, and WADA-tested (and compliant) supplements that any athlete can use. Despite their natural ingredients, the new Body Science range boasts some of the best flavours and ingredient profiles we’ve seen.

One of the newest supplements in the Body Science Body range is Stix – a guilt-free protein snack food. Not a bar and not a bite, Body Science Body Stix delivers 5g of protein per 15g Stix, with no gluten, artificial ingredients or simple sugars. Instead, Stix is a conveniently small snack food that can be taken anywhere and conform to almost any diet. As with all of the new Body Science range, Stix is stevia-sweetened and has no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Body Science Body Stix Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend – The protein sources used in Stix are whey protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, calcium caseinate and whey protein concentrate. These four sources combine nicely to provide a nice texture to the bar, while delivering a high protein content and a steadily-digesting amino acid profile.
  • Chia – Chia seeds are one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can find, and have been labelled a ‘superfood’ by many. Body Science Body Stix contains chia seeds for an added antioxidant and nutrient boost.

Body Science Body Stix Flavours & Sizes

Body Science Body Stix are available in packs of 6 x 15g and 12 x 15g, in Banana Chia and Choc Mint flavours.

Body Science Body Stix Dosage

Each individual Stix packet is 15g, which delivers 5g of protein and 53 calories in total. This makes Stix an ideal protein snack - a 53 calorie hit is small enough to fit in to almost any diet on the planet. Use Stix in between meals or as a post-workout snack.

Body Science Body Stix Features

  • Nothing artificial
  • 5g protein per 15g Stix
  • Two excellent flavours


Body Science Body Stix are the ideal snack food for anyone who wants that something sweet, but doesn’t want to cheat on their strict diet. With only 53 calories per Stix (and less than 1g of carbs!), BSc Body Stix are an easy way to add a little protein and a lot of flavour to your diet without cheating.

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