Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding Supplements

What are the Best Bodybuilding Supplements?

As a general rule, the goal of the bodybuilder is to build as much muscle and burn as much fat as possible. They need to be muscular, defined and symmetrical, and the most successful bodybuilders all displayed these traits. Unfortunately, building muscle is not an easy process. The human body finds it expensive (in terms of energy use) to grow and maintain muscle tissue, and so it does all it can to resist growth. Bodybuilding forces your body to adapt to the stress of weight training by growing muscle that will make it easier to move those weights in the future.

But weight training is certainly not the whole picture. In fact, it's fairly commonly believed that diet makes up for 80% of the bodybuilder's success. A key part of the bodybuilding diet is the use of bodybuilding supplements. Whereas in the past, protein and creatine were the only supplements available to bodybuilders, nowadays there is an enormous choice for anyone looking to promote muscle growth, and it can be quite overwhelming, especially to newcomers. The best bodybuilding supplements depend entirely on your own situation - are you looking to lose weight, or are you looking to build muscle? Maybe you're looking to gain size and strength. Below is our guide to bodybuilding supplements, and the ones we recommend to assist you in your quest for muscle growth!

Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Building Size and Strength

Most bodybuilders are looking to gain mass and gain strength. After all, the whole purpose of bodybuilding is to build as much muscle as possible and then to lose bodyfat to define that new muscle. In a nutshell, the more aggressive the calorie intake is for the bodybuilder, the more weight will be gained, but the more fat will be gained also. For anyone not too worried about adding some bodyfat, a large surplus of calories taken in will promote maximal muscle growth.

The easiest way to get a large surplus of calories if by drinking a weight gainer protein shake. These often have in excess of 1000 calories per serve (which is 1/3 or more of what most people need to take in daily to gain weight), and are high in mass building carbs and protein. These weight gainers are best taken around workouts, as the huge calorie intake will be used by the body to fuel and repair muscles damaged by exercise. We like Dymatize Super Mass Gainer for an aggressive weight gainer, with over 1200 calories per serve.

If you're looking for a bodybuilding supplement to assist with gaining size and strength, a creatine supplement is a must. Creatine is one of the most well-researched bodybuilding supplements available, and has a wealth of studies backing its' effectiveness in promoting strength, size and muscle gains. Creatine helps draw water into the muscle cells making them larger and increasing their ability to contract harder (and lift more weight). To get the most benefit from a creatine product, you should combine a pure creatine product such as MusclePharm Creatine with your weight gainer shake, or if you don't take a weight gainer shake, go for Mutant Cre-X12 for best results.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Burning Fat

For anyone looking to get leaner and lose bodyfat, there are a number of bodybuilding supplements designed to assist that process. Fat burners, or thermogenics, include ingredients which assist fat burning efforts in a variety of ways. They help increase the body's metabolic rate, meaning that the body burns more calories at rest than usual. They also help to metabolise the body's fat stores for fuel. Many fat burners act as appetite suppressants which assist in helping to avoid hunger cravings and binge eating. Other fat burners have active carb and fat blocking ingredients, which also help to promote a lean physique. We recommend Xenadrine Ripped for a well-priced and powerful fat burner.

A relatively new bodybuilding supplement to assist burning fat which has become extremely popular recently, is the fat burning protein category. These are lean protein powders, with added thermogenic ingredients such as green tea extract, caffeine, green coffee extract, or hydroxy citric acid, which help the body to burn its fat stores. They are convenient products, in that they don't require you to swallow capsules separately to your meals, as they are ‘built in' to your protein shake. One of the best fat burning proteins available is Redbak Sting.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Building Lean Muscle

For anyone looking to maintain their size and bodyfat levels whilst adding some lean muscle, there are a number of bodybuilding supplements designed to assist with this also. Although it is much more difficult to build lean muscle than it is to ‘bulk up' by eating a large amount of surplus calories, it is still possible to add small amounts of muscle with the right training, nutrition and supplementation.

The best bodybuilding supplement for building lean muscle is without a doubt a lean protein powder. Lean protein powders are high in amino acids, which help protect muscle against catabolism and help to repair and build new muscle. An added benefit to a good lean protein powder is that protein is a natural metabolic booster, which helps to keep bodyfat levels low. When looking for a lean protein powder, look for one that is made up of primarily whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and micellar casein. These three protein sources are key to ensuring you have rapid and steady digestion of amino acids. We recommend Body Ripped SPS.

Testosterone is the main growth hormone in the human body, and is extremely important for bodybuilders looking to gain lean muscle mass. Low testosterone levels has been linked to a number of health conditions, such as infertility, muscle loss, hair loss and osteoporosis in men, and irritability, sleep disturbances and decreased bone density in women. The importance of testosterone to muscle building is so high that testosterone has been regarded as one of many anabolic steroids, which is banned by athletic commissions and sports governing bodies worldwide. A natural testosterone booster, as opposed to steroids, assists the body to increase its' testosterone levels naturally, and does not involve any synthetic or harmful substance being ingested. Ingredients such as fenugreek, longjack and d-aspartic acid are all natural substances that have been shown to boost testosterone levels by research studies. We recommend Nutrabolics Hemotest.

Where Can I Find Reviews on Bodybuilding Supplements?

You can find reviews on all bodybuilding supplements online, but be sure to check out Protein King's Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews. We aim to review the most exciting products on the market to help customers find the bodybuilding supplements that are right for them!

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