Cobra Labs Crystal X Announcement

Cobra Labs Crystal X Pre-Workout Announcement

Cobra Labs Crystal-X Announcement

Cobra Labs The Curse is one of those supplements that nearly everyone has heard of, and most people have tried. It’s one of the more popular pre-workouts on the market currently, and the concentrated doses are powerful enough to give users a nice workout and the confidence to recommend it to friends. Cobra Labs, though, has been hinting at a ‘project-x’ for months now – some believing it would be a new product (although The Ripper just came out!). Well, within the last week we now know what ‘project-x’ – what was promised to be ‘one of the strongest, most complete supplement formulations to hit the market’ actually is – it’s a new pre-workout called Crystal-X.

It’s unclear at this stage whether Crystal-X will be replacing The Curse – on one hand The Curse is a very popular product, but on the other, Crystal-X’s formulation might make The Curse obsolete.

Cobra Labs Crystal-X – What We Know So Far

From the image teaser we’ve seen, we can tell you that Crystal-X will be 240g, which is 30 servings at 8g a piece. This is close to the 250g size The Curse offers, but with less serves (30 v 50), at a higher dose per serve (8g v 5g). The larger serving size might hint that we’re looking at some more amino-based ingredients – arginine, taurine, betaine or the like – or possibly just some higher doses of things like creatine and beta-alanine that are found in The Curse. Flavour-wise, we can see the word ‘Berry’ on the label – so let’s assume that’s going to be the first flavour available.

Cobra Labs Crystal-X – Release Dates

With the news only recently dropping in the US, we don’t have any reliable timelines for release of this new pre-workout down under. Although we will say that the Australian distributor for Cobra Labs is excellent in getting new products here quickly. With that in mind, we should be only weeks, not months, behind the USA in getting this exciting product onto our shelves!

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