Dymatize Elite Recoup Review

Dymatize Elite Recoup Review

Dymatize Elite Recoup Review

Dymatize Nutrition boasts the biggest range and the best value of any of the major supplement companies worldwide, and has gained a huge following. With less of a focus on expensive advertising and sponsored athletes, and a greater focus on product development, Dymatize’s popularity will only continue to grow.

Dymatize Elite Recoup is an intra-workout supplement that provides the important branched chain amino acids, as well as other specific aminos and vitamins to help you reduce muscle breakdown and optimise your recovery. Elite Recoup is the ideal supplement to take before, during and/or after your workouts – this is when your body needs the most support to ensure you can recover and perform again at your peak.

Elite Recoup Key Ingredients

  • BCAA’s – Elite Recoup’s blend features a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine:isoleucine:valine – one of the most popular ratios of the branched chain amino acids. BCAA’s are extremely important for muscle building, muscle sparing, for power, strength and a whole range of functions within the body.
  • Vitamins – Elite Recoup has several key vitamins added to the mix, including vitamins B1-B6, B12 and vitamin C. These vitamins each have specific characteristics that are important to overall health and performance, such as energy production and fatigue resistance.
  • Glutamine – L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, and is easily depleted during intense exercise. By supplementing with glutamine in Elite Recoup, your body has the ability to recover faster and reduce the damage to the immune system caused by intense exercise.

Elite Recoup Flavours & Sizes

Dymatize Elite Recoup comes in a 30-serve container, in Lemonade, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Grape and Fruit Punch flavours.

Elite Recoup Dosage

Each serve of Elite Recoup is approximately 11.5g, which provides 7.2g of BCAA’s, 2.5g of glutamine, and 1g of the citrulline/hydrogen citrate blend. With over 10g of amino acids per serve, Elite Recoup is excellently dosed. Recommended serving sizes are 2-4 scoops pre and 2 scoops post-workout, although if you’re consuming a protein shake you won’t need that much.

Why we like Elite Recoup

  • Good doses of BCAA’s and glutamine
  • Ajipure amino acids – guaranteed purity
  • Six great flavours


Dymatize Elite Recoup has stood for many years at the top of the BCAA-supplement rankings, thanks to an excellent blend, some great flavours and very competitive prices. With over 10g of amino acids per scoop, Elite Recoup is an essential tool for anyone looking to maximise recovery and performance.

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