Dymatize Flud Review

Dymatize Flud Review

Dymatize Flud Review

Dymatize Nutrition boasts the biggest range and the best value of any of the major supplement companies worldwide, and has gained a huge following. With less of a focus on expensive advertising and sponsored athletes, and a greater focus on product development, Dymatize’s popularity will only continue to grow.

Flud is Dymatize’s 100% waxy maize starch product, delivering 30g of amylopectin per 31g serve, and helping to replenish glycogen and accelerate recovery. Amylopectin is one of the two ingredients that make up starch (amylase is the other), and is very close in chemical makeup to glycogen – the glucose storage of animals (including humans). Flud, therefore, is the ideal supplement to help deliver nutrients to muscles quickly, assisting with rehydration and glycogen repletion.

Dymatize Flud Key Ingredients

  • Dymamylopectin – This ingredient is Dymatize’s amylopectin, which is derived from waxy maize starch (WMS). WMS has been used for many years as a post-workout carb source, helping to replete glycogen in the muscles, boost hydration and help deliver nutrients quickly through the stomach. While there is considerable debate, some people prefer using waxy maize such as Dymatize Flud over maltodextrin or dextrose because of the superior digestibility and the low osmolarity, which ensures that the stomach isn’t bloated after drinking your post-workout shake.

Dymatize Flud Flavours & Sizes

Flud comes in a 1.88kg container, in Fruit Punch and Unflavoured flavours.

Dymatize Flud Dosage

Each serve of Flud is 31g and delivers 30g of the pure amylopectin. 30g of carbs post-workout is a good starting point, and can be ramped up depending on your individual needs. Most people will take in 50-75g of carbs post-workout, which equates to around two scoops of Flud. Mix Flud with your BCAA supplement or your post-workout shake for best results.

Why we like Dymatize Flud

  • Pure amylopectin and nothing else (in the Unflavoured version)
  • Reduces bloating and stomach discomfort
  • Aids in glycogen repletion and muscle hydration


Dymatize Flud is an excellent waxy maize starch supplement designed to be used during or post-workout for greatest effect. Flud can be consumed with or without protein/amino acids/creatine depending on your individual needs, and is a cost-effective way to ensure optimal post-workout nutrition and carbohydrate repletion after intense exercise.

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