Dymatize Pursuit RX Pre Workout Review

Dymatize Pursuit RX Pre-Workout Review

Dymatize Pursuit RX Pre Workout Review

Dymatize Nutrition boasts the biggest range and the best value of any of the major supplement companies worldwide, and has gained a huge following. With less of a focus on expensive advertising and sponsored athletes, and a greater focus on product development, Dymatize’s popularity will only continue to grow. Recently, the Pursuit RX range of Dymatize products has arrived in Australia, and is geared towards the natural athlete looking to maximise their workouts. The Paleo/Primal community has jumped onboard with Pursuit RX – being one of only a handful of all-natural sports supplements brands.

Pursuit RX Pre Workout was developed to be a natural adjunct to quality workouts – designed to maximise bloodflow, energy, recovery and endurance. With a number of fruit extracts, and wholly naturally-flavoured and sweetened, Pursuit RX Pre Workout is one of only a few all-natural pre-workouts on the market with any kick.

Pursuit RX Pre Workout Key Ingredients

  • Pomegranate Fruit Extract – First up in Pursuit RX Pre Workout is pomegranate extract, an ingredient often used in greens/antioxidant formulas, and one gaining traction as a pre-workout ingredient as well. This is due in large part to the ability to increase bloodflow thanks to nitric oxide production.
  • Beet Root Extract – Much like the pomegranate, the beet root extract in Pursuit RX Pre Workout acts as a vasodilator – it increases the bloodflow within the veins, allowing more blood to travel into muscles, pumping them up. 
  • Tart Cherry Extract – Tart cherry extract has been shown to reduce muscle breakdown during intense exercise – something Crossfitters know lots about.
  • Green & Black Tea Extracts – Two brand-name tea extracts – AssuriTEA and InnovaTEA have been included in Pursuit RX Pre Workout. These are extracts of green and black tea, which are extremely high in beneficial compounds such as EGCG. These also provide the caffeine found in this pre-workout.

Pursuit RX Pre Workout Flavours & Sizes

Pursuit RX Pre Workout comes in a 400g tub, and in Fruit Punch and Lemonade flavours.

Pursuit RX Pre Workout Dosage

Each 400g tub contains 40 x 10g servings, each of which provides 525mg pomegranate, 250mg tart cherry, 150mg beet root, 150mg green tea and 70mg black tea, 80mg caffeine as well as 40 calories overall. These are decent doses to illicit a decent pump and endurance result from your workout, and the 80mg caffeine is just enough for most people to feel a little kick. Two scoops is the sweet spot, we think, for this product, coming up to a decent 160mg caffeine per two scoops.

Pursuit RX Pre Workout Features

  • All-natural blend
  • 40 scoops per tub
  • Pump, energy, endurance and muscle protection all thanks to the natural fruit/herb extracts


Dymatize Pursuit RX Pre Workout is gaining popularity particularly in the Crossfit, Paleo and Primal communities, thanks to an all-natural blend of fruit and plant extracts that come together to provide energy, strength, endurance and stamina.

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