Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Review

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Review

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Review

Chocolate Flavour

I chose this product because with my busy work life I don't have time to sit down and eat a morning tea or afternoon tea. So this powder is great as it has so much bang for your buck with heaps of good quality carbs and enough protein if you add half a serve of WPI to it.

I like to take probably 1/3 rd of a serving of Dymatize Super Mass Gainer, as the recommended serving size is so heavy in carbs and it is definitely more economical.

It actually tastes awesome and have had many friends even say WOW that smells great! I've now started using it to mix with other protein powders to make them taste better.

It never clumps up even though I don't use much water and I am too busy to stand there and shake it for half an hour so a couple of shakes and it's all done smooth as.

I have actually tested it on myself to see if it works or not by deliberately not taking it before my workout and testing my energy levels and for sure I stuggle to go to full failure simply because I don't have enough energy to complete my workout in an intense fashion.

But if taken one hour before my workout I now know that I will not get that feeling of tiredness after half an hour of exercise. It keeps me clangin and bangin all the way up to one and a half hours if need be and I can actually feel that I haven't gone catabolic yet.

The value for money is ridiculous, 5.4 KGs for $70.95. There's nothing as cheap as that.

This stuff is for anyone looking to add safe calories to their diet without forcing down so much food that a traditional bodybuilder would eat. Easier more convenient and better on the budget.

I'm rating Super Mass Gainer 10/10. I would of never made the gains without this product so for me it would be the one supplement I couldn't live without.

To finish on a different note, not only do I love Dymatize Super Mass Gainer but Protein Kings service and quick delivery times have made me a convert to their online store. If I run out of powder I know I can get it probably the next day delivered to my work and that's a huge relief as I'm too busy to drive anywhere to buy my supplements from a traditional store and if I run out I usually freak out but Protein King is there to ship some out to me quick smart.

I hope this helps out anyone trying to compare products as I've tried a few and I have compared a lot of ingredients lists to come to my conclusion so all I can say is give it a red hot go and you will find yourself like me buying this on a regular basis.


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