EHP Labs Buzz Review

EHP Labs Buzz Review

EHP Labs Buzz Review

EHP Labs stands for Enhance Human Performance - a mantra that is foremost in the minds of developers when creating EHP Labs products. The product blends found in Buzz - the pre workout, and OxyShred - the fat burner - are among the best on the market, and are chock full of active ingredients.

Buzz, by EHP Labs, offers a solid ingredient combination designed to promote strength, endurance, focus, pump and energy - the goals of every preworkout supplement. With four distinct blends designed to assist with achieving the different goals, Buzz is one of the more advanced and more potent pre-workouts out there.

Key Ingredients

  • Power and Strength - The first combination of ingredients in Buzz are designed to help you lift maximum weights and perform at maximum speeds in the gym. D-aspartic acid, betaine, beta-alanine and creatine nitrate are all proven ingredients which will boost your performance levels significantly.

  • Pump/Vascularity Boosters - In this blend are three ingredients: agmatine sulphate, arginine AKG and acetyl l-carnitine. The combination of these ingredients improves bloodflow, vascularity, nitric oxide levels and fat burning ability.

  • Energy Boosters - Perhaps the most important feature of preworkouts is the energy blend, and Buzz features a good dose of several key energy ingredients. Citrulline, caffeine, tyrosine, taurine, rhodiola, pterostilbene and B vitamins feature in Buzz, delivering excellent energy levels over a longer period of time.

  • Focus Enhancers - Finally, Buzz includes choline and huperzine A - two ingredients designed to improve the ability of neurotransmitters in the brain. The result is better mental focus and clarity.

Flavours & Sizes

EHP Buzz is available in a 300g container, which provides 30 servings. Three flavours: Blue Magic, Raging Red Raspberry and Watermelon are available.


EHP Labs Buzz has to be one of the best dosed preworkouts for only a 10g serving size. While the 3.33g Power and Strength blend might be a little light for the ingredients in it (creatine, beta-alanine etc), the Pump, Energy and Focus blends are all at decent amounts, which tells us that EHP Labs cares about results, and not just profits. One 10g scoop of Buzz should be enough for anyone.


EHP Labs Buzz is priced at around $1.80 per serve, which is about average for a pre-workout. We'll rate it as excellent value because of the excellent ingredient blends and the good doses included.


EHP Labs have come out with two impressive supplements so far: OxyShred and Buzz. Buzz is the preworkout supplement that not only promises to deliver better intensity, focus, strength, power and energy, but provides good doses of ingredients to do so. Give it a try!

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