Evogen EVP Review

Evogen EVP Review

Evogen EVP Review

The Evogen brand was started by Hany Rambod – one of the best known fitness gurus on the planet. Rambod is responsible for the FST-7 training system, and has used his knowledge and experience to coach many top level athletes and bodybuilders, such as Phil Heath and Jay Cutler. Evogen was developed by this master coach to fill the void left by most supplement companies – the elite level of supplement formulation.

EVP is Evogen’s signature size, strength and pump complex, and is a precise dose of several ingredients to trigger and support muscle growth. EVP stands for Evopoietin One Alpha, and can be used by a variety of athletes at a number of different times throughout the day, as a pre/intra/post-workout or even as a night-time supplement to support recovery and muscle growth. Being a stimulant-free ingredient blend, EVP might be the ideal pre-workout to take before evening training sessions.

Evogen EVP Key Ingredients

  • Anabolic Catalyst (FUSIL) – The first ingredient blend on the EVP is actually just one ingredient – FUSIL (fermented, soluble l-leucine). Leucine is a popular bodybuilding supplement ingredient that’s used in many products, and EVP has taken a high-grade raw material leucine and made it more bioavailable for optimal results.
  • Nutrient Injection/Volumizing Complex – The next blend in Evogen EVP is a blend of ingredients designed to fill muscle cells with nutrients – giving the ‘pump’ and fuelling ongoing muscle contractions from exercise. These ingredients include four arginine sources, as well as citrulline malate and creatine gluconate.
  • Anticatabolic/Recovery Complex – EVP’s main recovery boosters come from this blend, which includes glutamine, beta-alanine and a B vitamin blend, for maximal muscle growth and recovery.
  • ATP/Cognitive Enhancing Complex – This final blend of ingredients is designed to enhance your mental focus and concentration (without stimulants). This blend also doesn’t include any ingredients that constrict blood vessels – a common reason why your current pre-workout might give you headaches during your training session. This blend includes tyrosine, DMAE and vinpocetine as well as vitamin B12.

Evogen EVP Flavours & Sizes

Evogen EVP comes in a 40-serve container, in Grape and Strawberry Kiwi flavours.

Evogen EVP Dosage

An 11g serve of Evogen EVP is designed for the 100-150lb athlete, so most will need something in the 1.5-2 scoops range for optimal results. Even at the low end of the dosing scale, EVP is one of the most powerful pre/intra/post-workouts you’ll find, with a whole host of potent strength and muscle builders. Take a serve 15-20 minutes prior to exercise on an empty stomach for best results, and with this stim-free blend, you can take this before your evening training session and not worry about being up all night.

Why we like Evogen EVP

  • Highest quality raw materials
  • No sugar, maltodextrin or fillers
  • Supports strength, recovery and muscle growth all in a stim-free package


Evogen EVP might just be the ideal pre-workout supplement for anyone who wants a stim-free solution. With one of the more intelligent ingredient blends on the market, thanks to precise dosing from the guru Hany Rambod, EVP is the ideal strength, recovery and muscle growth supplement for most athletes.

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