Gaspari SP250 Announcement

Gaspari SP250 Announcement

Gaspari SP250 Announcement

Gaspari Nutrition has been a world-leading supplement company for the better part of two decades now, delivering the highest quality nutritional supplements to gym junkies around the world. Despite some financial hardships in the last 12-18 months, Gaspari still has a reputation as one of the front-runners in product formulation and quality, and we will continue to see quality supplements bearing the Gaspari name for years to come.

No doubt Gaspari’s best-selling pre-workout of all time, Superpump250 led the way for many years, before being reformulated into Superpump Max and Superpump 3.0 in recent years. With a move towards a more traditional blend with the new Myofusion Advanced, Gaspari has also announced the 4th in the line of Superpump products – SP250. The name leads us to believe that the new formula will harken back to the days of Superpump250 – and give us something very similar today.

Gaspari SP250 – What We Know So Far

Unfortunately, details are scant currently for the new Gaspari SP250. What we do know, though, is that we’ll be getting a 300g tub, with 30 x 10g serves. The Superpump250 formula was a 20g serve, although provided around 8g of carbohydrates – so the SP250 formula might give us something very similar. The artwork released for SP250 is quite attractive – moving away from the white pharmaceutical-like labelling we’ve seen from Gaspari in the past few years, and now towards a deep blue and black design, of course showing the new Gaspari logo as well.

Gaspari SP250 – ETA

We wish we had a firm estimated release date for the new Gaspari SP250, but unfortunately that info hasn’t been released yet. With the announcement just happening a few days ago in the States, we’d imagine release in the US would be this month sometime. You’ll have to add a month or two onto that timeframe before Australia gets delivery, so we would assume that July-August 2015 would be a safe bet for release down under.

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