Gen-Tec P2P Intra Workout Review

Gen-Tec P2P Intra-Workout Review

Gen-Tec P2P Intra-Workout Review

Gen-Tec is one of Australia’s premium supplement brands, founded by professional bodybuilder Nick Jones in 1999. As a former Mr World, Mr Australia, Mr Australasia and 2nd place Mr Universe, Nick Jones has devoted much of his life to the sport of bodybuilding, and the Gen-Tec supplement range reflects his commitment to hard work and dedication. With ultra-premium raw materials, and some of the most intelligent supplement blends on the market, Gen-Tec Nutrition delivers cutting-edge products to maximise the results from the hard work you put in at the gym or on the sports field.

Gen-Tec P2P is an advanced intra-workout supplement designed to boost strength, lean muscle, endurance and recovery. With a wealth of scientific knowledge behind the product formulation, Gen-Tec has combined several powerful ingredients, including specific amino acids to give you the power to perform at your peak.

Gen-Tec P2P Key Ingredients

  • Creatine Monohydrate – P2P Intra-Workout contains Gen-Tec’s signature creatine 320 – an ultra-micronised form of creatine monohydrate that boasts superior absorption to other creatines. Creatine is the ideal intra-workout ingredients thanks to its’ assistance in power production, muscle cell volumisation and recovery enhancement.
  • Citrulline Malate – One of the most popular vasodilators currently available is citrulline malate – a powerful nitric oxide stimulator. Citrulline supplementation helps to produce an increase in bloodflow – allowing more nutrients to make their way to muscles, which improves muscle recovery and growth.
  • Amino Acids – Gen-Tec P2P combines several amino acids, including the BCAA’s, AAKG, lysine, glycine and glutamine. Each of these amino acids has properties to support recovery from intense exercise, boosting muscle growth and energy production.

Gen-Tec P2P Flavours & Sizes

P2P Intra-Workout comes in a 900g tub, in Blueberry, Fresh Apple, Fresh Orange and Old School Lemonade flavours.

Gen-Tec P2P Dosage

As with most Gen-Tec supplements, the dosage protocol is fairly easy to follow, with the nutrient combinations precisely dosed. If you’re under 80kg, take one serve of P2P during your workout, or if you’re over 80kg, take two scoops during your training session. The two scoop serve (which most trainers will take), will deliver 6g creatine, 3.6g glutamine, 4.9g BCAA’s, 900mg citrulline malate, 900mg vitamin C and 38g of fast-absorbing carbohydrates. This is an ideal ingredient ratio to spark muscle growth and recovery.

Why we like Gen-Tec P2P

  • High quality raw ingredients
  • Easy dosing
  • Natural colours & flavours


Gen-Tec P2P is designed for bodybuilders or any athlete in general, to be taken during workouts for enhanced recovery, strength and muscle gain. With a precise combination of amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates, Gen-Tec P2P Intra-Workout will help give you the power to perform and drive nutrients into hungry muscles when they need them most.

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