Gen-Tec Pure Carbs Review

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs Review

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs Review

Founded by Nick Jones, former Mr. World, Mr. Australasia, Mr. Australia, and 1st runner-up to Mr. Universe, Gen-Tec Nutrition prides itself on providing bodybuilders with the supplements they need to enhance their performance and improve their quality of life. Since making their first products available to the public in 1999, Gen-Tec Nutrition has developed a reputation for superior nutritional supplements throughout Australia and other targeted overseas markets.

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs is designed to decrease recovery time after a workout, as well as increase your energy level for your next workout. It does this by replenishing the body's glycogen stores in a simpler and more effective way than other comparable products, primarily through the use of insulin. Insulin is the human body's most anabolic hormone, meaning it drives nutrients from the bloodstream into the muscle cells. The specific ingredient blend in Pure Carbs makes it easy to absorb the carbohydrates into your muscle tissue to replenish you for your next workout and deliver nutrients for optimal growth.

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs Key Ingredients

  • Maltodextrin – Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate that raises insulin and blood sugar levels. It is one of the most popular carbohydrates for glycogen repletion, as it is easily utilised by the body. It also allows for better digestion, performance, and hydration as compared to other complex carb sources.
  • Fructose – Fructose is the main sugar found in fruits, although it is actually digested much slower than the other carb sources in Pure Carbs. Fructose is metabolised within the liver – this is a far longer process, and therefore energy levels are steadier over a longer period of time.
  • Glucose – Glucose is the muscle’s preferred fuel source, and is easily used in energy production and muscle restoration.
  • Chromium Picolinate – Chromium plays an important role in maintaining the body's metabolism by assisting insulin in functioning efficiently. Simply put, it increases sensitivity to and the utilisation of insulin. This is important because insulin plays a central role in metabolism and driving nutrients into muscle cells.

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs Flavours and Sizes

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs is available in a 2kg and 4 kg size. The powder is flavourless.

Gen-Tec Pure Carbs Dosage

The recommended dose of Pure Carbs is 1-1.5g per kg of bodyweight, which equates to 80-120g for an 80kg person. This is a comparatively high carb dose to most other supplements, although as with most Gen-Tec products, there is plenty of science to support this recommendation.

Why We Like Gen-Tec Pure Carbs

  • It is tasteless, making it easy to consume without altering the taste of your beverage
  • Insulin optimisation boosted with chromium
  • Rapid absorption and energy delivery


Gen-Tec Pure Carbs is an ideal way to replenish your glycogen stores after an intense workout. Due to its ability to reduce the amount of time needed for recovery, as well as enhance your energy levels for your next workout, Pure Carbs is an excellent nutritional supplement for bodybuilders or any other athlete.

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