Gen-Tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel Review

Gen-Tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel Review

Gen-Tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel Review

Founded in 1999 by Nick Jones, Gen-Tec is intent on delivering superior nutritional supplements designed to improve an athlete's quality of life, as well as enhance his or her performance. Not only is Nick a sports nutritionist, he is a devoted bodybuilder of more than 20 years. Throughout his esteemed career, he has earned the titles of Mr. World, Mr. Australia, Mr. Australasia, and 1st runner-up to Mr. Universe. In the time Gen-Tec has been available on the market, it has experienced rapid growth throughout Australia and specific overseas markets.

Gen-Tec Nutrition’s Ultimate Thermo Fuel, similarly to Male Fuel and Power Fuel, is one of only few liquid-form supplements, this time being a thermogenic supplement designed to help you increase your energy levels, boost your workout performance, mobilise body fat stores and promote intense focus. Ultimate Thermo Fuel can be stacked with Alca Fuel or any other Gen-Tec product to boost its’ effectiveness, and while not as strong as some US-made fat burners, Ultimate Thermo Fuel definitely has the ingredients to help boost your metabolism and shred body fat.

Gen-Tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel Key Ingredients

  • Caffeine – The main energy-booster and stimulant in Thermo Fuel is caffeine, and although each serve contains 100mg of caffeine, it’s enough to provide some smooth energy and to enhance the effects of some of the other fat-burning ingredients.
  • Choline – Choline is an essential nutrient, commonly classed along with the b-vitamin group. Choline has some excellent mental focus and concentration benefits, but on top of that also is a potent fat metaboliser used in many thermogenic products.
  • B Vitamins – Ultimate Thermo Fuel is one of few thermogenics to include a number of B vitamins in the mix. These are essential to unlocking energy within the body, as well as supporting the central nervous system and enhancing mood.

Gen-Tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel Flavours & Sizes

Ultimate Thermo Fuel comes in a 280mL bottle, in Strawberry flavour. Each bottle provides 56 x 5mL serves.

Gen-Tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel Dosage

One 5mL serve of Ultimate Thermo Fuel provides 400mg tyrosine, 100mg caffeine, 50mg carnitine, 10mg choline, 100mg inositol, 50mcg chromium, as well as 70mg B vitamins. These doses are quite mild, supporting Gen-Tec’s recommendation to use Ultimate Thermo Fuel multiple times daily for best results. Start by taking one serve in the AM and one serve before your workout.

Gen-Tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel Features

  • Easy liquid dosing
  • Boosts energy and metabolism
  • 56 serves per bottle


Gen-Tec Ultimate Thermo Fuel is a thermogenic liquid product containing several energy-boosting, fat-metabolising and mood-enhancing natural compounds. Taken twice daily, Ultimate Thermo Fuel will help you maintain your focus, fat-loss and energy, especially whilst dieting or training intensely.

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