How To Look Like An Angel

How To Look Like An Angel

How To Look Like An Angel

The tips and tricks used by Victoria's Secret Angels to get that banging body!

The Victoria's Secret Angels are arguably the hottest women in the world. While they are blessed with great genes, a lot of work goes into getting that banging body ready for the catwalk. Without clothes to hide behind, these models have to train hard and eat clean to ensure they have that perfectly toned figure. Here are a few tips on what the Angels do to look good almost-naked.


There isn't a specific meal plan that can magically transform an ordinary girl into a model. Each of the angels follows their own specific diet routines according to their own body type. 

Miranda Kerr follows the ‘Blood Type' diet in which you eat specific foods according to your blood type. This typically involves eating high-alkaline foods, low in GI with very little meat. Miranda drinks the majority of her meals. Her daily routine begins with warm water and lemon juice followed by a power shake containing celery, cucumber, kale, aloe vera, fresh coconut water, coconut milk, raw cacao, goji berries, chia seeds and protein powder. It's not all grass for her though, as she follows the 80/20 rule in which she eats 80% clean and the other 20% she allows herself to splurge on the foods she enjoys such as dark chocolate covered goji berries. 

Adriana Lima, on the other hand, chooses a more traditional clean eating plan in which she eats a lot of protein, and very little carbohydrates and vegetables. The angel follows a controlled calorie diet in which she eats fewer calories as the day goes on. Her daily routine typically begins with oatmeal and egg whites which are then followed by a lunch of high protein e.g. grilled fish and high fibrous green vegetables. Dinner for Adriana is just a salad as she prefers to go to sleep feeling light. 9 days prior to the Victoria's Secret runway show, Adriana begins her liquid only diet concluding 12 hours before the show when fasting begins. These are extreme measures however and are not considered healthy.

Alessandra Ambrosio chooses to follow a fractional diet in which she eats small portions very frequently. Her main meals consist of chicken and vegetables however she claims to eat whatever she likes. Spotted eating fries just days before the Victoria's Secret runway show, Alessandra is against ‘dieting' and believes eating the things she loves in small portions is the key to a healthy lifestyle.


For a body that makes men drool and women jealous, these models spend countless hours in the gym training. The Angels use a lot of boxing and body weight exercises to get lean muscles without bulking too much.

Miranda Kerr mixes up her workouts with yoga, bodyweight and stretch band exercises and weighted ballet. Yoga is great for toning and stretching and general flexibility. Bodyweight and stretch band exercises help to build muscle and create shape, while ballet is fantastic for balance and creating lean muscle, especially in the core.

Adriana Lima uses a lot of boxing moves, HIIT and Capoeira to create that incredible body. Adriana completes complex boxing drills to gain strength and tone lean muscles. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training involves periods of maximum intensity exercises followed by periods of extremely low intensity exercises. This is great for fat burning without compromising muscle tissue. Capoeira, a Brazilian training technique which mixes martial arts with dance is a high intensity exercise that helps to strip fat.

Alessandra Ambrosio follows the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift' routine which was developed specifically for her. This routine is a combination of Brazilian dance, cardio and sculpting exercises made to burn fat and tone Alessandra's butt and thighs.

Apart from training in the gym, the Angels try and keep active in their everyday lives constantly trying new sports like surfing.


While most of us can only dream of looking like a Victoria's Secret Angel, these women work extremely hard on creating and maintaining their enviable bodies. Winning the genetic lottery only plays a small role in the success of these women as intense training routines and strict diet guidelines are vital in achieving a perfectly toned and sculpted physique. Some of the measures used in achieving these bodies are extreme and should not be followed as part of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to stick to a healthy routine which is suited to your specific body and lifestyle.

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