Iforce Nutrition Hemavol Max Review

Iforce Nutrition Hemavol Max Review

Iforce Nutrition Hemavol Max Review

iForce Nutrition, like almost all of its competitors, pledges to create the most potent supplements known to the industry, utilising only research-supported ingredients and extensive testing on athletes. The result is an attractive line of supplements with clear goals in mind, and a great deal of customer support for this emerging brand.

Hemavol is one of the world’s best-selling pre-workout supplements, designed to deliver insane pumps and vascularity. But part of iForce’s commitment to their customers is ongoing innovation – delivering the best new and effective ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate goals of strength and muscle gain. Hemavo2, or Hemavol Max as it is also called, is an entirely new spin on the Hemavol supplement. With only three ingredients common to both versions, iForce has effectively told their customers that they can top their Hemavol product with the new Hemavol Max – and we obviously can’t wait to try for ourselves!

iForce Nutrition Hemavol Max Key Ingredients

  • Pumps & Endurance Enhancement – The first blend in Hemavo2 Max is a combination of agmatine sulfate, l-citrulline and HydroMax (glycerol). These are three of the best pump-producing ingredients we know of, promoting fullness, vascularity and bloodflow. A good start!
  • Strength & Power Amplification – Next is a blend of creatine nitrate, creatine HCl and betaine (all in effective doses). The creatines obviously are for the strength and power production, and the nitrate and HCl forms are believed to be far more effectively absorbed than monohydrate or other creatine forms. Betaine is one of the most effective performance-boosting supplements you’ll find, promoting endurance, strength, power and stamina across a variety of athletic movements.
  • Nootropic Mind & Focus Blend – The final blend in Hemavo2 brings choline bitartrate and DMAE together. These two ingredients are popular in the nootropic community – they are effective cognition and focus enhancers, and are ideally taken daily to improve your mental performance.

iForce Nutrition Hemavol Max Flavours & Sizes

The new Hemavol Max will be available in 337.5g tub (25 serves), and currently we only know of Juicy Watermelon flavour being released. Knowing iForce, this will increase to several flavours.

iForce Nutrition Hemavol Max Dosage

The new Hemavo2 sees an increase in serving size to 13.5g, which is nearly double the previous version. As a result, the serves have gone down from 32 per tub to 25 per tub, although you’ll be getting nearly 100g extra in the new Hemavol Max (and nearly double the effective ingredients). In terms of ingredient doses, we love the clearly-disclosed label, which shows agmatine 1000mg, citrulline 2000mg, HydroMax 2000mg, creatine nitrate & HCL 1000mg each, betaine 2500mg, choline bitartrate 1000mg and DMAE 200mg. These are superb doses, far better than most pre-workouts, and enough of each ingredient to see effects. Most people will see nice results from just one scoop, so you’re getting a full 25 serves in each tub of the new Hemavol Max.

iForce Nutrition Hemavol Max Features

  • Excellent doses
  • Almost double the effective ingredients of the previous version (267.5g v 136.8g)
  • Added focus and concentration blend


iForce Nutrition’s Hemavol Max has challenged its’ previous version, with a completely reworked ingredient blend, adding several new ingredients and nearly doubling the dose of the previous Hemavol. The result is a far stronger, (and we think more synergistic) blend of ingredients, which promotes pumps, strength, endurance, stamina and mental performance.

Look for iForce Hemavol Max early in 2015.

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