Inner Armour Test Pump Review

Inner Armour Test Pump Review

Inner Armour Test Pump Review

Inner Armour is well-known for providing solid, well-designed supplements at prices that are amongst the best in the industry. They offer a full range of protein, weight gainers, amino acids and creatine supplements, and represent excellent value for their customers.

Test Pump is a hybrid fat burner, test booster, amino acid and nitric oxide supplement in one, and is very different from anything Inner Armour has released in the past. The blend of ingredients in Test Pump is designed to replace a shelf full of supplements with one daily 10g scoop, providing energy, recovery, testosterone support and much more.

Key Ingredients

  • Nitric Oxide Blend - With a blend of citrulline and arginine forms, this will assist nitric oxide production, leading to muscle pumps, increased bloodflow and vascularity.
  • Cell Volumising and Perfomance Technology - Combining four different forms of creatine with inosine, adenosine tri phosphate (ATP) and taurine, this blend is essential for strength and power output, as well as energy and recovery.
  • Thermo-RX and Energy Complex - Featuring Acacia rigidula, which is a shrub that has been shown to improve fat burning and reduce hunger, this blend also includes beta-alanine, caffeine, yerba mate, citrus aurantium, theobromine and tyrosine. This is one of the more powerful blends for energy production and fat loss we've ever seen.
  • Recovery-Rx - This blend features four amino acids, including the three branched chain aminos leucine, isoleucine and valine, as well as glutamine. These amino acids are included in ethyl-ester HCl forms, which maximise their effectiveness.
  • Test-Boosting Complex - With D-Aspartic acid and ZMA, the test-boosting ingredients in Test Pump are not groundbreaking, but are dependable.

Flavours & Sizes

Inner Armour Test Pump comes in a 300g container, which gives 30 servings, in a Fruit Punch flavour.


The only real downside to Test Pump is the concentration of the ingredients. With so many powerful ingredients included on the label, they can't all be provided at the effective daily dosage, which will reduce their effectiveness. A 10g dose probably isn't going to be enough, and this might need to be increased. Be careful, though, the caffeine content isn't listed so you don't want to overdose on it.


For a test booster, pre-workout, fat burner and amino acid supplement all in one, Test Pump is probably the best-value supplement there is. At under $40 for 30 serves, you will struggle to find any category of supplement, let alone one that ticks so many boxes. You'll probably need to increase the serving size for maximum performance, which will reduce the value a little.


At the moment, Inner Armour Test Pump is a one-of-a-kind supplement. For someone looking to get just one supplement (after protein), this is the one to go for. For advanced supplement users, there probably isn't enough of each ingredient to give you a massive performance boost, so they might be better off going for separate fat burners, pre workouts, test booster and amino acid supplements. For everyone else, Test Pump is an excellent choice!

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