Is Your Fad Diet Working For You?

Is Your Fad Diet Working For You?

Is Your Fad Diet Working For You?

On the TV, on the Radio, in Magazines all we see and hear are the new ways to lose and burn fat. Almost daily you'll see a new "diet" or crazy miracle formula for fat loss. Well sadly, there are no miracles unfortunately! Nowadays the most popular in the industry include Clean eating, If it fits your macros ( IIFYM), Paleo etc.

All of these are really just another style of eating. The difference between each is really the types of foods eaten as well as the nutrition content of what's being consumed.

As fitness enthusiasts we all enjoy a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. We need to remember that we are focusing on longevity here and living a physically active and healthy lifestyle. These so called Fad Diets do work, and these are proven, but what we need  to remember is that we need to adapt  to something that we can follow long term.

For instance, The Cabbage Diet. Is this something we can really follow and continue daily through our lives? By all means I wouldn't survive a week on that and I'm sure the majority of you agree with me. We need to find a balance with food, that allows eating to still be fun and assist us with our goals.

The main thing to remember is; know how many calories your body needs to maintain its bodyweight. Remember to consume no less than 2 fruits and 3 veggies per day. These micronutrient packed foods will work wonders internally and also remember to never restrict any certain macronutrients i.e Carbs, Fats and Protein. Our body requires all 3 for great function and you can still hit your goals consuming all of them.

Again the most important thing is to track your calories. Now I'm not saying weigh every single thing you eat, unless of course you must for a competition etc, but get a good baseline of how many calories your body can handle to keep you at your current weight. Then you can either eat slightly more to increase weight and try and pack on some muscle, or lower the calories to start slowly stripping off the body fat!

Lastly, remember Fad diets are mostly not sustainable long term, so if you do plan on taking part in one of these, just remember you will find yourself looking to move on from it , so why not just keep it simple and make it an enjoyable part of your lifestyle :D

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