LG Sciences 6-Mass Review

LG Sciences 6-Mass Review

LG Sciences 6 Mass Review

Inspired by the brand, Legal Gear, LG Sciences offers cutting edge nutritional supplements to the bodybuilding world. Formulated according to current scientific research, LG Sciences supplements are manufactured using premium raw materials with a confirmed purity and potency listed on the label. Unlike some other supplements, they do not use fillers in their products. The results are high quality products designed to help users bulk up safely and smartly.

6-Mass by LG Sciences, is a ‘powerful and legal mass-builder’, and as part of their Platinum Series, includes some of the most high-end ingredients to help you pack on size and strength. Like much of the LG Science range, 6-Mass comes in liquid form – making it easily absorbable and simple to dose. 6-Mass attempts to bridge the gap between prohormones and steroids on one side, and standard bodybuilding supplements on the other, by being a powerful and legal alternative to dangerous or illegal substances.

LG Sciences 6-Mass Key Ingredients

  • Glycerol – Glycerol is a naturally-occurring fatty acid within the body, and has been recently used by bodybuilders and endurance athletes to ‘pump up’ and to fill muscle stores. Glycerol draws into muscle cells a great deal of fluid, making them fuller and larger. It also brings in a greater proportion of nutrients such as amino acids, creatine, or ingredients found in 6-Mass.
  • Agmatine Sulfate – Another pump booster, agmatine sulfate works by increasing bloodflow to muscles, also delivering a larger proportion of key nutrients to muscle cells. Agmatine is commonly used as a preworkout ingredient, helping to boost nitric oxide levels and dilate (widen) blood vessels.
  • 6-Keto-Pregn-4-ene-3,20-dione – This chemical name refers to progesterone – a sex hormone. Considered a ‘female hormone’, progesterone is present in men and women, and in some cases men have a larger proportion of progesterone within their bodies than women. Progesterone has shown to have similar effects to testosterone, in terms of mood, libido, strength, and is a potent anti-estrogen hormone.

LG Sciences 6-Mass Flavours & Sizes

6-Mass comes in a 180mL liquid bottle (60 serves), and is unflavoured.

LG Sciences 6-Mass Dosage

The recommended dose of 6-Mass is 3mL, 1-2 times per day. To take 6-Mass, as with the other LG Sciences liquid supplements, squirt a serve under your tongue, hold for 60 seconds, then swish around your mouth and swallow. This ensures optimal and rapid absorption. Start with one serve daily, and take up to two serves depending on your results, but don’t take more than two serves per day.

Why we like LG Sciences 6-Mass

  • 60 serves per bottle
  • Aids in strength, pump, muscle growth
  • Closest alternative to illegal and dangerous prohormones and steroids


If you’re looking for the closest possible alternative to illegal supplements to increase your strength and muscle mass, LG Sciences 6-Mass is a great choice. With a powerful hormone base, and several uptake and absorption ingredients in a convenient liquid supplement, 6-Mass should give you some powerful results to show for your hard work in the gym.

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