Maxs Hybrid BCAAs Review

Maxs Hybrid BCAA's Review

Max's Hybrid BCAA's Review

Max's boasts a long line of popular supplements, ranging from protein powders to bars and snacks to amino acid supplements. Max's is one of Australia's leading supplement companies and constantly develops and releases high quality sports supplements to the public.

Hybrid BCAA's is the newest supplement in the Max's range, and is an unflavoured, pure BCAA product. Hybrid BCAA's offers a 10:1:1 ratio which includes Pepform leucine peptides in a product perfect to add to your pre, post, or intra-workout shakes.

Key Ingredients

  • Micronised BCAA's - Max's Hybrid BCAA's provides the branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine in micronised form - meaning that they have been broken down into micro-particles for greater absorption. They're in a 10:1:1 ratio, with leucine being the key ingredients for stimulating the mTOR pathway which leads to muscle growth.

  • Pepform Leucine Peptides - Part of the leucine provided in Max's Hybrid BCAA's comes from Pepform, which is a highly digestible and immediately available form of leucine. Think of it as an instant muscle-building switch.

Flavours & Sizes

Hybrid BCAA's is available in a 500g container, and comes unflavoured.


For each 1.2g serve of Hybrid BCAA's, you'll get 1g of leucine, 100mg of isoleucine and 100mg of valine, and there are 416 servings per container. You'll need more than 1.2g per serve, though, with most BCAA supplements recommending somewhere between 5-10g per serve. Research on leucine suggests that 5g is a good amount to stimulate mTOR (and therefore muscle growth), so one teaspoon of Hybrid BCAA's should be the recommended serving size.


If you're using the recommended 1.2g serving, you'll get 416 servings out of your container, which makes Hybrid BCAA's ridiculously good value. At the full 5g serve, you get 100 serves out of every container, which still makes it very cheap (around $0.60 per serve). Definitely great value.


The value of a good BCAA supplement is underrated, and almost every athlete will benefit greatly from adding BCAA's to their supplement stack, especially one so high in leucine. Although Max's Hybrid BCAA's is unflavoured, it's still an excellent choice for intra-workout, especially if you're combining it with fruit juice or a sports drink. To maximise your growth and recovery potential, a good BCAA supplement like Max's Hybrid BCAA's is essential.

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