Maxs Supershred Review

Maxs Supershred Review

Max’s Supershred Review

In March 2014, the hugely popular Max’s protein range was completely revamped as part of their ‘Back in Black’ campaign. All your favourite products – whether a weight gainer, lean protein, WPI or whey blend has been reformulated and repackaged. No longer do Max’s proteins come in the black plastic tubs they’ve been known for using for many years – they’re now all in boxes similar to the Supershred and Superwhey products. Not only has the packaging undergone extensive redesign, but most of the products have too – and we think they’re going to be more popular than ever.

Supershred is not only one of Max’s most popular supplements, but has to be in Australia’s top 10 as well. The Supershred name is synonymous with thermogenic proteins – products that help you build muscle and burn unwanted bodyfat at the same time. With an excellent blend of high quality proteins and potent fat burners, Supershred is going to be around for years to come, albeit in this updated formula and refreshed packaging.

Max’s Supershred Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend – The two proteins used in Max’s Supershred are high-leucine whey protein isolate, and calcium caseinate. The whey isolate is fast-digesting, delivering amino acids rapidly where needed (such as damaged muscles), while the calcium caseinate is a far slower-digesting protein source which steadily delivers amino acids for hours. This is excellent for anyone who has tried thermogenic proteins before and found themselves hungry an hour after taking a serve – the casein protein ensures that digestion is a much longer process.
  • Amino Acids – Like most Max’s proteins, the Supershred blend is fortified with a number of important amino acids. These include the BCAA’s, glutamine, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylalanine. Each of these amino acids performs specific functions within the body and are extremely important for optimal health and performance.
  • Thermogenics – The fat-burning power of Max’s Supershred comes from its thermogenic ingredients, and there are definitely a few in the mix. In the new Supershred, you’ll find green coffee extract, forskolin, guarana, green tea extract, carnitine, choline and inositol. This is one of the largest and most well-conceived blends of thermogenics of any fat burning protein out there.

Max’s Supershred Flavours & Sizes

The new Max’s Supershred comes in a 1kg and 2.2kg size, in Chocolate, Caramel and Mochachino flavours. Unfortunately, the triple-flavour packs aren’t available in the new Supershred.

Max’s Supershred Dosage

Each serve of Max’s Supershred delivers 27g of protein, with 0.2g carbs and 0.2g fat. This makes the new Supershred one of the leanest protein powders available today, and in addition to that you will receive the boost from the huge variety of fat burners in the mix. Take 1-3 serves of Supershred per day, depending on your other food intake and your activity levels.

Why we like Max’s Supershred

  • WPI and casein blend for fast and sustained amino acid release
  • Variety of herbs and amino acids for fat loss
  • Three nice flavours


Max’s Supershred has been updated into this new packaging and formula, yet hasn’t lost any of the original potency or key features that make it one of Australia’s most popular fat loss tools. With 27g of protein per serve, a tiny 0.2g of carbs and 0.2g of fat, and a nice dose of some potent thermogenics, the new Max’s Supershred is set to continue from the previous version and boost fat loss and lean muscle gain right across the country.

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