Musashi Calming Review

Musashi Calming Review

Musashi Calming Review

Musashi’s line of supplements is possibly the most extensive of any sports supplement brand in Australia, and certainly one of the broadest in the world. It comprises a full range of protein powders, amino acids, bars, capsules and every other sports nutrition category, making Musashi one of the best-known supplement brands in the world.

Another in Musashi’s new line of specialty amino acid formulas, Calming is a blend that is designed to help reduce post-exercise stimulation, often caused by a mixture of the adrenaline from the workout and stimulants such as pre-workouts used beforehand. With three specific ingredients to help boost your relaxation after a heavy workout, Musashi Calming is one of few relaxation products marketed towards athletes – far outnumbered by ones containing stimulants.

Musashi Calming Key Ingredients

  • Lemon Balm – Musashi Calming contains lemon balm – a lemon-scented herb from the mint family that has been used for many years as a sedative and sleep aid. This is a potent herb to calm, reduce stress and reduce anxiety.
  • Passionflower – Similarly to lemon balm, passionflower is a herb that has also been used as a mild and natural sedative. Passionflower looks to be a GABA receptor activist – this part of the brain regulates mood, relaxation and sleep.
  • Magnesium – One of the most beneficial minerals athletes can consume is magnesium, and it has been included in Musashi Calming for a number of reasons. These include maintaining nerve and muscle function, heart rhythm, mood and a sense of calm, as well as restful sleep.

Musashi Calming Flavours & Sizes

Calming is available in a 176g container (44 serves), in an unflavoured powder.

Musashi Calming Dosage

Each serve of Calming is 4g, which provides 100mg magnesium, 600mg lemon balm and 500mg passionflower. Calming can be taken on its’ own, or added to your post-workout shake. It’s also easy to combine Calming with other Musashi products such as creatine, glutamine, Immune or Muscle.

Musashi Calming Features

  • 44 full serves per bottle
  • Three well-researched ingredients
  • Can be added to your protein shake, food or mixed separately


With higher and higher stimulant doses in modern preworkouts, it’s often difficult to lower your anxiety and get a good nights’ sleep. The ingredients in Musashi Calming have been handpicked to help you reduce your fatigue, lower your stress and anxiety levels and promote rest and sleep. If you’ve found yourself exhausted after a training session, particularly the next morning, a product like Musashi Calming might be the ideal one for you.

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