Muscle Pharm Combat Powder Review

Musclepharm Combat Powder Reviews 

Musclepharm Combat Powder Review

1. Musclepharm Combat

2. Flavour: Chocolate

3. This product is banned substance free which gives me peace of mind entering competitions that are drug tested. I also like its formula which is all recognizable ingredients. It allows me to be money efficient, giving you approximately 26 grams of protein per serve. One of the best values for an all round protein.

4. Combat Powder has an excellent flavor to it. Mixed with milk it tastes just like a chocolate milkshake. Its manageable with water too which many proteins out there aren't.

5. MP Combat is very versatile for mixing. I have used as little as 12 oz of milk and as much as 20 oz and it never tastes bad nor has been ‘too thick' or watery.

6. MusclePharm Combat is my go to protein. It is a clean, good tasting protein that gives me a great bang for my buck. With skim milk, it gives me the perfect amount of protein post workout and I have noticed consistent gains.

7. MP Combat is average price compared to other proteins, maybe slightly cheaper if you shop around. Saying that, for its ingredients that include no fillers and the amount of time it will last you (50 days if one scoop used per day), it is great value for the money. 

8. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to not break the bank but who still wants an all round protein with a great taste.

9. I would give this product a 9/10. It is the best I have come across so far for price and nutritional value and thats why I keep buying it!

10. I love that this protein is banned substance free. It is clean and tastes great. The sharp looking container is an added bonus.

Brad L.