MusclePharm Hardcore Series Announcement

Musclepharm Hardcore Series Announcement

MusclePharm Hardcore Series Announcement

MusclePharm is the New York City of the fitness industry – the supplement company that never sleeps. Just when you think their range is broad enough and their products powerful enough, they add an entirely new brand, or reformulate some of their best-selling offerings. MusclePharm truly sets the trends in the supplement world, and is always thinking of new and exciting ways of delivering the products that athletes need to excel in their chosen sport. Now with a huge variety of products, including the MusclePharm, Arnold Schwarzenegger Series and Fitmiss ranges, we’re set for another series to land in Australia soon.

The MusclePharm Hardcore Series has recently been announced, and will see at least three new products added to the MusclePharm supplement cabinet, with a pre-workout, post-workout mass gainer and whey protein to carry the Hardcore Series label. The three products have the MusclePharm-style titles of Wreckage, Gainz and Diesel, and promise to be proprietary blend-free, which seems to be the current trend with the public’s knowledge of supplements increasing rapidly.

MusclePharm Hardcore Series – What We Know So Far

The three supplements announced are Wreckage (pre-workout), Gainz (post-workout weight gainer) and Diesel (protein blend), but knowing MusclePharm, we’ll see plenty of others join the ranks of these three in the months after release. Wreckage has a little info along with it at the moment, showing 6g citrulline malate, 4g leucine and 3g d-aspartic acid – so we’re looking at a potent pump, muscle and testosterone enhancing pre-workout.

Unfortunately, we’re pretty scant on details for the other two products, but we’re sure more info will be released in the coming weeks. We’re definitely excited about the 100% transparent nutritional info – that’s something we’ve always liked to see – giving the supplement user full control over the individual ingredients they’re taking.

MusclePharm Harcore Series – ETA

Again, we’re scant on details here. MusclePharm is usually very good at getting products to market after announcements, so we’re looking at weeks, not months, for the Hardcore Series to be released in the US, and then another couple months for the trip down under. We’d expect around Autumn 2015 as a ballpark figure.

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