MusclePharm Hardcore Series Wreckage Review

Musclepharm Hardcore Series Wreckage Review

MusclePharm Hardcore Series Wreckage Review

MusclePharm is one of the most popular and best respected supplement companies currently. Its pre-workout Assault and protein Combat Powder are two of the best-selling supplements of all time, and MusclePharm continues to expand their range. Sponsoring UFC and other sporting stars, MusclePharm claims to be the athletes’ company, and develops their products with the athlete foremost in mind.

The new MusclePharm Hardcore Series is one of the most anticipated supplement releases in recent history, and with the Arnold Classic Expos in USA and Australia coming up in March, we can’t be too far away from the products being released to market. We have the nutritional panel for the new pre-workout Wreckage, so why not get a first look at what to expect, even before we can get our hands on it!

MusclePharm Hardcore Series Wreckage Key Ingredients

  • Citrulline Malate – We start with a hefty 6g dose of citrulline malate, which is actually what the serving size should be for this ingredient. Citrulline is one of the best pump enhancers on the market currently, boosting N.O. production, and helping to increase bloodflow to muscles, and deliver that skin-splitting pump we all love.
  • Leucine – The only BCAA in Wreckage is leucine – which you don’t often see without its friends isoleucine and valine. Leucine helps to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (muscle growth), as well as reduce soreness and speed recovery, so it’s a good fit for a pre-workout.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – DAA is usually included in test boosters, but we’ve seen a few pre-workouts now feature it as a key ingredient. DAA has been shown to have significant testosterone-boosting effects in short-term research, so it’s going to be interesting to see what the public’s response is to it being added to a mainstream pre-workout.
  • Beta-Alanine – You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pre-workout without beta-alanine, and Wreckage contains a decent 1.6g dose of the stuff. This is half of the recommended daily intake of beta-alanine, but keep in mind plenty of intra and post-workout supps include the ingredient. In any event, beta-alanine is included at far higher doses than many other pre-workouts, so it’s definitely a step in the right direction.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – We’re surprised to see a whopping 350mg dose of caffeine anhydrous in Wreckage, following the recent trends we’ve seen to increase stims in pre-workouts. This pretty much guarantees that Wreckage is a one-scoop-only pre-workout - any more than 350mg of caffeine before a workout is going to make most people jittery.

MusclePharm Hardcore Series Wreckage Flavours & Sizes

At this stage, we believe Wreckage will be available in a 418g tub (20 serves), in Watermelon and Raspberry Lemonade flavours. This will be confirmed later.

MusclePharm Hardcore Series Wreckage Dosage

In line with JYM Pre JYM (and actually featuring a very similar ingredient list), MusclePharm Wreckage is an excellently-dosed pre-workout. Most of the ingredients are included at full efficacious doses, including 6g citrulline malate, 4g leucine, 3g DAA, 2g creatine HCl, 1.6g beta-alanine, 1.2g tyrosine, 500mg agmatine and 350mg caffeine anhydrous. These are all respectable ingredient doses, making Wreckage a true one-scoop pre-workout, and what looks to be a true contender to Pre JYM. It’s perhaps a little too similar to Pre JYM, although the more products on the market with fully-disclosed and fully-dosed ingredients, the better. One tub of Wreckage will last you 20 workouts, or a full month for most people.

MusclePharm Hardcore Series Wreckage Features

  • Fully-dosed ingredients
  • True one-scoop formula
  • Excellent strength, pump, endurance, energy, focus blend


While we wait anxiously for the new Hardcore Series to land in Australia, the release of the Wreckage ingredient panel has given us all indications that it’s a product worth waiting for. With fully-dosed ingredients boosting strength, stamina, muscle growth, endurance, energy, concentration and recovery, MusclePharm Hardcore Series Wreckage will be one of the best products on the market when it does finally arrive.

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