Musclepharm Assault User Review

Muscleupharm Assault User Review

MusclePharm Assault User Review

Flavour: Blue Artic Raspberry

I was looking for a pre-workout that had everything I needed in it. MP Assault contains 5 grams of creatine in the full scoop, BCAA's, and huge amounts of B vitamins for energy. If you cut it down half a scoop per serving, it can last you over a month which is cost effective as well.

Assault tastes like cool-aid. It's quite enjoyable to sip on while watching motivational workouts before I hit the gym! It is very versatile. I have used a full scoop in 8 oz of water and half a scoop in 12 oz of water and there is no noticeable difference in taste. It is almost impossible to make it too thick or to ‘watery'.

Muscle Pharm Assault has helped me get the most of my workouts. The steady low dose of creatine helps boost my workout intensity and my energy in the gym and the BCAA's help my muscle recovery. It's a great pre-workout that helps all my hard work at the gym pay off.

This pre-workout is the same price as all the others out there. Saying that, I have not seen any others that have everything that Assault has in one scoop. It is also certified banned substance free which always put my mind at ease buying MP products. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants the effects of a pre-workout without the tingles and jitters and the crash at about 30 minutes in. Assault doesn't make your face feel like needles but still limits muscle fatigue without any crash.

I would rate this product 9/10. It has a great taste, is banned substance free, does its' job, and has everything needed to reach your full workout potential. Depending on what you're working with, you can stretch your buck by taking half a scoop of Assault before your workouts. This is a cost effective way for a lot of athletes in school to make your pre-workouts last for 40 days.

Brad L.

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