Muscletech Clear Muscle Review

Muscletech Clear Muscle Review

Muscletech Clear Muscle Review

Muscletech Performance Series supplements have only recently arrived in Australia but are already regarded as some of the most impressive and effective supplements available currently. With the reintroduction of several popular Pro Series products, Muscletech has reworked and relaunched its’ range of protein, creatine, pre-workout and testosterone booster supplements.

The newest supplement in the Muscletech Performance Series (and yet to hit Australian shores) is Clear Muscle – the clear pill that promises to pack more muscle growth potential than any supplement that Muscletech (or any other brand) has ever created. We hear you – 'it’s the usual Muscletech overhype’, but you know what? This one might just have some promise!

If you remember a study we mentioned in our Supplement News #19 on HMB free acid, you’ll recall that subjects gained an insane (even compared to steroid users!) amount of muscle in 12 weeks using HMB free acid. That’s exactly what’s in Muscletech Clear Muscle. While it might be a stretch to assume you’ll gain 7kg of lean muscle in 12 weeks like they did in the study, Muscletech certainly has some valid research to back their claims. Clear Muscle might be the next big supplement.

Muscletech Clear Muscle Key Ingredients

  • BetaTOR – The only active ingredient in Clear Muscle is BetaTOR – beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) free acid. From our Supplement News article, you’ll recall that we discussed the difference between Ca-HMB and HMB-FA, and that while there have been some impressive results with studies using the standard Ca-HMB, the recent University of Tampa study on HMB-FA showed phenomenal results. HMB is a leucine metabolite – it’s the result of your body’s breakdown of that important BCAA leucine. HMB has been shown in the past to be beneficial in reducing muscle breakdown, in stimulating protein synthesis and speeding recovery. Time will tell if BetaTOR will be even better!

Muscletech Clear Muscle Flavours & Sizes

At the time of its release in the USA, Muscletech Clear Muscle will come in a 168-capsule container, which is 84 servings, and a full 28-day supply. If Clear Muscle makes it to Australia, it might be in powdered form, but we’ll let you know when the time comes!

Muscletech Clear Muscle Dosage

The recommended dosage of Clear Muscle is 1g, three times daily. This is the exact dose of HMB-Fa as used in the University of Tampa 12-week study, and will give you 28 days at the full recommended dosage. On training days, be sure to take one of your doses as soon as possible to the start of your workout.

Muscletech Clear Muscle Training Protocol

To maximise the benefits of using Muscletech Clear Muscle, they recommend using the exact same training protocol as used in the University of Tampa study. This is a 12-week training cycle, using three separate cycles to get the most out of the training sessions and the Clear Muscle supplementation. Access the full 12-week program here!

Why we like Muscletech Clear Muscle

  • Based on valid scientific research
  • New, unique supplement
  • Easy dosing and complementary training protocol


Yes, there’s a huge amount of hype for Muscletech’s Clear Muscle supplement, but some of that hype is warranted. When we wrote our Supplement News #19 and mentioned the HMB-FA study, we were extremely excited to see which supplement company would be first to use this ingredient, and it looks like Muscletech made it to the party first. While you shouldn’t expect a 16lb increase in muscle mass over a 12-week period, when Clear Muscle makes it to Australia you should definitely see some positive results on muscle mass, strength, fat loss and recovery. We can’t wait.

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