Muscletech Iso Zero Review

Muscletech Iso Zero Review

Muscletech Iso Zero Review

Muscletech’s new Performance Series is the latest in their range of class-leading sports supplements. With products backed by research, and with transparent ingredient panels (no proprietary blends), the new Performance Series aims to build on the Pro Series products of the past, and addresses the concerns of savvy consumers who want detailed ingredients on the supplements they take.

Muscletech Iso Zero is the newest protein supplement in Muscletech’s range, and they claim it is the ‘leanest, purest and cleanest’ protein formula they’ve ever released. Whey isolate is the main ingredient in Iso Zero as well as a few amino acids and digestive enzymes – all in a low carb and low fat blend. Iso Zero is ideally taken around your workouts when your body needs fast-digesting proteins to fuel recovery and stimulate muscle growth.

Muscletech Iso Zero Key Ingredients

  • Whey Protein Isolate – The only protein source found in Iso Zero is whey protein isolate (WPI) – the gold standard of protein sources. WPI is naturally very high in amino acids, particularly branched chain amino acids – the ones most attributed to muscle growth. With a fast digestion rate, WPI ensures your muscles receive these amino acids quickly to begin their repair process.
  • Amino Acids – In addition to the whey protein isolate, Muscletech Iso Zero contains the added amino acids glutamine, leucine, isoleucine, valine, glycine, taurine and alanine. By boosting Iso Zero with these amino acids, Muscletech hopes to boost recovery, performance and lean muscle growth.
  • Digestive Enzymes – Naturally produced within the body in the salivary glands and stomach, digestive enzymes break foods down into their sub-components for digestion. Those eating high-protein diets or those with sub-optimal digestive enzyme production can benefit from adding digestive enzymes into their diets, and Iso Zero includes a 100mg blend of papain and amylase.

Muscletech Iso Zero Flavours & Sizes

Iso Zero comes in a 907g and 2.27kg container, in Chocolate Milkshake, Strawberry Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream flavours.

Muscletech Iso Zero Dosage

The recommended dose of Muscletech Iso Zero is one to two scoops (32-64g) between major meals or before and after exercise for best results. We’d recommend taking one scoop 1-2 hours prior to and one scoop immediately after exercise. Each 32g scoop gives you 25g of high quality protein.

Why we like Muscletech Iso Zero

  • Whey isolate only sources
  • Amino acids and digestive enzymes added to the mix
  • The taste. As usual with Muscletech


For anyone who is a fan of Nitro-Tech but wants a whey isolate-only protein, or for anyone who wants a high-quality and great-tasting protein, Muscletech Iso Zero is sure to be popular. With whey isolate as the only source, as well as added amino acids and digestive enzymes and signature Muscletech flavouring, Iso Zero is a premium protein powder for anyone looking to boost lean muscle gains.

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