Musclewerks D-Fine8 Pre Workout Review

Musclewerks Dfine8 PreWorkout Review

Musclewerks D-Fine8 Pre Workout Review

The Musclewerks brand is produced by Hans Drake International Corporation, and their mission statement dedicates their work to bringing their customers the highest quality fitness products and supplements to deliver outstanding results. With consumer health and wellbeing as a primary concern for Musclewerks, as well as a promise to continually improve upon their products, users of supplements such as D-Fine8 Zero and D-Fine8 Pre-Workout can rest assured that they are using the highest quality raw materials manufactured using ethical practices to help them achieve their fitness goals.

D-Fine8 Pre Workout is Musclewerks’ pre-training igniter, designed to maximise fat loss and support lean muscle throughout your workout. Providing clean energy similarly to D-Fine8 Zero, D-Fine8 Pre Workout contains a blend of ingredients which will help you maximise your intensity in the gym whilst boosting stamina, strength and fat loss.

D-Fine8 Pre Workout Key Ingredients

  • Ricinenic Acid – You’ll see soon that the label on the D-Fine8 Pre Workout jar is full of ingredients you’ve probably never heard of (and we hadn’t either), although their common names might ring a bell. Ricinenic acid is also known as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and is a trans fatty acid found commonly in meat and dairy. CLA is a potent fat burner, and is used in many fat loss supplements.
  • 2-Carboxyethylamine – This compound is also known as beta-alanine, and is one of the world’s most popular sports supplement ingredients. Beta-alanine is included in D-Fine8 Pre Workout to help boost your stamina and endurance, and reduce muscle soreness during your workout
  • L-Alpha-Amino-Delta-Guanidinovaleric Acid – This huge chemical name is plain old l-arginine, another solid pre-workout ingredient designed to help you maximise bloodflow and pumps, as well as growth hormone release.
  • Glutamine – Musclewerks must not have been able to find the chemical name for glutamine – it’s just included on the label the way we know it. Glutamine is an important amino acid for muscle support, immune health and recovery.

D-Fine8 Pre Workout Flavours & Sizes

D-Fine8 Pre Workout comes in a 450g container, in Grape, Pineapple and Watermelon flavours.

D-Fine8 Pre Workout Dosage

Each serve of Musclewerks D-Fine8 Pre Workout is 16g, with approximately 10g of that making up the proprietary pre-workout blend. We don’t know any ingredient doses, except for 300mg caffeine and 1000mg taurine, so it’s a little hard to judge the potency of the product. You should definitely feel 300mg of caffeine doing its’ job, though!

Why we like D-Fine8 Pre Workout

  • Stacks well with D-Fine8 Zero
  • Same great taste as D-Fine8 Zero
  • Solid energy, endurance and fat loss ingredient blend


If fat loss is your primary goal, maximising your workout performance is essential. Musclewerks D-Fine8 Pre Workout is a performance-booster and fat-loss aid in one, and when combined with D-Fine8 Zero, will give you some of the best workout and fat burning results from any supplements you’ve tried before.

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