Nutrabolics Carnibolic Review

Nutrabolics Carnibolic Review

Nutrabolics Carnibolic Review

Nutrabolics is world-renowned as providing some of the most innovative and exciting sports supplements in the industry, and their growing popularity means that they can continue to innovate and expand their already wide range.

Carnibolic is a one-of-a-kind supplement, designed to utilise the research-proven benefits of carnitine supplementation. It's a stim-free powdered fat burner that can be stacked with other thermogenics, with protein, pre workouts or any other bodybuilding supplement for maximal results.

Key Ingredients

  • Quattrocarn Matrix - Carnibolic features the Quattrocarn Matrix, which is a potent blend of four different types of carnitine: acetyl-l-carnitine hcl, l-carnitine hcl, l-carnitine tartrate and l-carnitine fumarate. The blend of these different types of carnitine ensures that the body can absorb and utilise the carnitine to the best of its' ability.
    Just to recap, carnitine supplementation has been shown to: improve workout performance, improve recovery, burn more body fat, improve endurance and boost heart health.

Flavours & Sizes

Carnibolic comes in a 150g size container, and in Blue Raspberry and Watermelon flavours. Each container provides 30 serves.


One of the main benefits of Nutrabolics Carnibolic is that it provides an almost-unmatched dose of carnitine in every serve. You'll find many fat burners or pre workout supplements with 50mg or 100mg of carnitine, which is nowhere near the generally-recommended dosage of 1-3 grams. Without a high enough dose, you won't receive the same benefits.


Nutrabolics Carnibolic is a versatile and advanced supplement. It can be added to a protein powder, pre workout or thermogenic to enhance fat burning and improve workout performance, or it can be taken on its' own as a fat burner. You won't receive the stimulant effects of caffeinated preworkouts or fat burners, so it's great for night-time training and for those sensitive to stims. For improved fat loss and performance, try Nutrabolics Carnibolic, either with your current supplements, or on its' own.

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