Nutrabolics Superfats Review

Nutrabolics Superfats Review

Nutrabolics Superfats Review

Nutrabolics' tag line is ‘science and innovation', and while most supplement companies claim to address these two key areas of supplement production, very few of them succeed at the level of Nutrabolics. The Nutrabolics range is backed by a wealth of scientific research, ensuring you're not only getting the highest quality raw materials in each product, but also materials that have been proven effective.

Superfats is a ‘lipid-based fat loss support formula', or basically a fatty-acid supplement that assists fat loss. Where most fat burners are concerned with increasing metabolic rate and energy expenditure (mainly through stimulants), Superfats combines three separate fat sources to help naturally, and without stimulants, support fat loss.

Nutrabolics Superfats Key Ingredients

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) - CLA is one of the most well-known fats that helps to improve body composition. Commonly found in supplements on its' own, CLA is a cis or trans fatty acid which naturally occurs in meat and dairy. Since its' discovery in 1983, CLA has been linked to a number of research papers as a solid fat-loss ingredient, and is commonly thought to be the reason that full fat dairy and grass-fed meats can assist with fat loss, even though they are higher in fat.

  • Sesame Seed Oil Extract - The extract from sesame seed oil that is important to fat loss is sesamin - and like CLA has been a common ingredient in fat burners for many years. Sesamin has been shown to suppress appetite, stimulate fat loss and regulate hormone function.

  • Korean Pine Nut Extract - The main fatty acid in pine nut extract to assist with fat loss is pinolenic acid, which is a polyunsaturated fat. This helps to release a chemical known as CCK which prevents overeating by telling the brain it is full.

Nutrabolics Superfats Flavours & Sizes

Superfats comes in one size - a 120 softgels bottle.

Nutrabolics Superfats Dosage

The recommended serving size of Superfats is three softgels two times daily with meals. This provides 2500mg of the fatty acid complex, made up primarily of the CLA. At the full dosing protocol, a bottle of Superfats will last 20 days, with 5g of these beneficial fats each day. This should be a good starting point for most.

Why we like Nutrabolics Superfats

  • Unique fatty acid combination
  • Extracts standardised for high active ingredient concentrations
  • Stim-free fat loss


While it may seem counterintuitive to some to supplement with fat if they are looking to lose fat, years of scientific research suggest that might be an excellent idea! Superfats by Nutrabolics combines three fatty acid sources - CLA, sesame oil and Korean pine nut for a combination that effectively reduces appetite, stimulates metabolism, reduces fat storage and promotes body fat metabolism - all without the use of stimulants.

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