Optiburn v Oxyshred v Thermal XTC

Optiburn v Oxyshred v Thermal XTC

Optiburn v Oxyshred v Thermal XTC

In today's fat burner rankings, three products stand out above the rest in taste, performance and quality. Platinum Labs Optiburn, EHP Labs Oxyshred and Nutrabolics Thermal XTC are the three biggest-selling powdered fat burners on the market today, and with good reason - they are all excellent products. As a bonus, they all taste excellent and are choc-full of thermogenic ingredients to boost your energy levels and your fat loss.

If you're looking for a fat burner, you can't go wrong with any of these three. But which one is best for your needs? Do you like high stimulants, do you want a sweeter or milder flavour, or do you just want the best value for money? Whatever your needs, one of these products can deliver! We pit these three products up against each other for energy boost, taste, fat loss, value for money and overall to give you our choices for which of these products to go for.

Optiburn v Oxyshred v Thermal XTC - Energy Boost

All three products are excellent energy boosters - with good amounts of caffeine, taurine, tyrosine and other energy boosters. Taken before a workout, or first thing in the morning, any of these three can give you a much-needed energy boost.

For overall energy, Platinum Labs Optiburn has the slight edge over the other two. With taurine as the main ingredient, as well as carnitine, green coffee, caffeine and PEA, Optiburn is definitely going to give you a decent energy hit before your workout or before you start your day.

Optiburn v Oxyshred v Thermal XTC - Taste

Perhaps the most important factor in deciding which fat burner you'll buy is the taste factor. Very simply, if a product tastes horrible, you won't be drinking it. Luckily, none of these products taste bad, and actually all three are quite pleasant-tasting.

There is a clear winner in this category, though - EHP Labs Oxyshred. It's no wonder Oxyshred wins consistent taste awards - the four flavours available are all excellent, and suit your palette whether you want something really sweet, or fairly mild (just add water to suit).

Optiburn v Oxyshred v Thermal XTC - Fat Loss

Again, this is a close race between the three products as all three are excellent thermogenic products. Nutrabolics Thermal XTC Powder is the slightest of winners in this fat loss category, with some excellent (and some unique) thermogenic ingredients, including gamma butyrobetaine (carnitine precursor), African mango, green coffee bean, caffeine, green tea extract, raspberry ketones and HCA, as well as others.

The other two products feature some excellent ingredients also, many of which are found in all three products, so it's a very close race.

Optiburn v Oxyshred v Thermal XTC - Value for Money

We all know that fat burners aren't cheap products, and supporting your beach physique can cost a fair amount of money at the end of the day. The saying definitely holds true, though, that you pay for what you get, and there's a reason why these three products are not at the cheap end of the scale - they are high quality supplements.

In our value for money rating, we look at the serving sizes, ingredient profile and servings per container, not just the price tag. This way, you might be better off buying the more expensive product because it lasts longer.

That's exactly the case with these three fat burners, as we rate Oxyshred the best value for money fat burner out of these three. While Optiburn gives you 30 x 6.5g serves at around $2.19/serve, and Thermal XTC Powder gives you 50 x 3.5g serves at around $1.34/serve, Oxyshred comes in at $1.33/serve for the 60 x 5.1g serves in each container. While Optiburn gives you the largest serving size, Oxyshred gives you the most servings at the lowest price per serve, and just edges out Thermal XTC Powder for value for money.

Optiburn v Oxyshred v Thermal XTC - Overall

All three of these fat burners are excellent fat loss, energy boosting tools that should be part of your arsenal if fat loss is your number one goal. They each contain a precise blend of ingredients designed to maximise fat burning, energy production, mood, stamina and a whole host of other benefits.

If fat loss is your primary goal, Nutrabolics Thermal XTC Powder is a wise choice, while for the greatest energy boost, Platinum Labs Optiburn is your product. Winning the value for money, taste and the overall battle between these three products, EHP Labs Oxyshred is a fantastic fat loss, energy-boosting and mood-enhancing supplement, and a deserving winner here.

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