Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Natural Whey Review

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Natural Whey Review

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Natural Whey Review

Optimum Nutrition is the world’s best-known, if not largest, sports nutrition companies, with one of the largest product ranges on the market. ON supplements cover the whole gamut of bodybuilding nutrition, including protein powders, weight gainers, amino acids and intra-workouts, and the sleek, easily recognisable packaging represent Optimum’s no-nonsense approach to effective supplementation.

Optimum Nutrition quickly recognised that plenty of gym-goers want all-natural supplements to complement their training and diet, and Gold Standard Natural Whey capitalises on the popularity of Gold Standard Whey, but uses only natural sweeteners and flavours. The Gold Standard Natural Whey blend meets the strict quality standards that Optimum Nutrition users have set for the company over the years, but allows an extra level of comfort for anyone concerned about taking in artificial sweeteners or flavours.

Optimum Gold Standard Natural Whey Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend – The bulk of the Optimum Natural Whey product comes from a combination of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and whey peptides – three highly bioavailable sources of protein. These whey sources are quick to digest, and their ratio of BCAA’s and glutamine is naturally very high – perfect for muscle gain and recovery.
  • Natural Additives – In addition to the protein, Gold Standard Natural Whey uses a number of natural ingredients to flavour and sweeten their blends. Instead of aspartame, acesulfame potassium or sucralose (the three most popular artificial sweeteners in sports supplements), Optimum Natural Whey uses evaporated cane juice powder. This is a natural sweetener, and even though it is a sugar, there is only 5g of carbohydrates per 32g serve, which is still lean enough for almost any gym goer. Gold Standard Natural Whey also uses natural flavours and cocoa (for the Chocolate flavour), which is a welcome change from the artificial flavours seen in some proteins.

Optimum Gold Standard Natural Whey Flavours & Sizes

Gold Standard Natural Whey comes in a 900g and 2.3kg tub, in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry flavours.

Optimum Gold Standard Natural Whey Dosage

Each 32g serve of Gold Standard Natural Whey contains 24g of protein, which is exactly 75%. Take it as you would any protein powder – one scoop before and after training is a good start.

Why we like Optimum Gold Standard Natural Whey

  • All natural flavours and sweeteners
  • Almost identical nutritionally to Gold Standard
  • High quality whey sources


Like the regular Gold Standard, Optimum Gold Standard Natural Whey is a high-quality whey protein supplement, delivering a good 24g of protein per serve in a great-tasting blend. For anyone who wants all the benefits to performance and muscle growth that Gold Standard provides, but in an all-natural formula, Gold Standard Natural Whey is a great choice.

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