Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrobuilder Review


Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrobuilder Review

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrobuilder Review

Optimum Nutrition is perhaps the best-known supplement company in the world, and has a number of best-selling products bearing its’ name. ON Gold Standard, Serious Mass and Hydrowhey are some of the most popular protein supplements in the world, although Optimum is not only known for its’ protein.

Optimum Platinum Hydrobuilder is a lean mass-building protein powder designed for recovery, muscle support and strength enhancement. Hydrobuilder combines a number of protein sources with several amino acids, enzymes and other beneficial ingredients to prove comprehensive and round-the-clock nutritional support.

Platinum Hydrobuilder Key Ingredient

  • Protein Blend – Optimum Platinum Hydrobuilder features a combination of hydrolysed whey protein, micellar casein, whey protein concentrate and hydrolysed egg albumen. These are all excellent protein sources, providing high levels of essential amino acids delivered at different rates to keep you anabolic for longer periods of time.
  • Creatine – Platinum Hydrobuilder includes Creapure creatine monohydrate – universally recognised as some of the highest quality creatine money can buy. Creatine is a potent strength, muscle and power enhancer, and is an excellent addition to this protein blend.
  • Amino Acid Matrix – For additional support to hungry muscles, and for a nice performance boost, Platinum Hydrobuilder includes a blend of several amino acids. These include leucine, isoleucine, valine, glutamine, arginine, taurine, alanine, carnitine and citrulline.
  • Enzyme Complex – To support the digestion and absorption of the nutrients in Hydrobuilder, an enzyme complex is added to the mix. This complex includes beet root fiber, amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase and lipase.

Platinum Hydrobuilder Flavours & Sizes

Optimum Platinum Hydrobuilder comes in a 1kg and 2kg size, in Strawberry Shake, Chocolate Shake and Vanilla Bean flavours.

Platinum Hydrobuilder Dosage

Each 50g serve of Hydrobuilder includes 30g of protein, 5g of creatine, 2.5g betaine, 2g added amino acids and 200mg of enzymes. This is a solid ingredient blend, and a good dose of these ingredients to support muscle growth, recovery, power and strength. Take one serve before and one serve after your workouts for excellent results.

Why we like Platinum Hydrobuilder

  • Excellent protein blend
  • Added betaine, creatine for strength and performance
  • 200mg enzyme blend to enhance digestion and absorption


Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrobuilder is an advanced protein blend designed to help athletes grow lean muscle, perform at their peak and recover quickly. With a blend of superior protein sources, creatine, betaine, enzymes and a whole range of amino acids, Platinum Hydrowhey is an excellent choice for anyone looking to excel in or out of the gym or sports field.

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