Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy Announcement

Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy Supplement

Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy Announcement

Optimum Nutrition, arguably the world’s best-known supplement company, has consistently released new and exciting products right through 2014. Now with 2015 on the horizon, the juggernaut Gold Standard Whey manufacturer has announced a completely new supplement – Protein Energy.

Protein Energy is a combination of exactly what you might expect – protein and energy ingredients, for an all-day metabolism boost and amino acid delivery. In similar fashion to their Essential Amino Energy product, Protein Energy is designed for all-day use, whenever and wherever you need your nutrition and your motivation taken care of.

Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy – What We Know So Far

Actually, we know quite a bit! With the nutritional panels recently released, we can tell you exactly what’s in Protein Energy. It combines three protein sources (whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate), as well as a 220mg (per 30g serve) energy blend of caffeine and green tea extract, along with several vitamins and minerals.

In terms of flavours, look for an Optimum Nutrition-style flavour release, with several tasty-sounding ones, including Chocolate, Cinnamon Bun, Mocha Cappuccino and Vanilla Latte.

Each Protein Energy will come in a 780g bag, which equates to 26 x 30g serves (each with 20g protein).

Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy – When Will We Get It?

As usual, this is the grey area, especially for us down-under. Optimum is usually pretty quick in releasing products in the US after announcement, and then we have the standard 2-3 month lag period before it lands in Oz. Stay tuned for updates!

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