Platinum Labs Optiburn Amped Review

Platinum Labs Optiburn Amped Review

Platinum Labs Optiburn Amped Review

Platinum Labs is a relative newcomer to the supplement world, but with the successful launch of their original Optiburn Thermogenic Powder, they have definitely made their mark.

With similar and highly popular weight loss supplements such EHPlabs Oxyshred and Nutrabolics Thermal XTC , the new and improved Optiburn Amped promises to take things to a whole new level.

Building on the success of their original formula, Optiburn Amped now features a full 45 serve tub, up from 30 serves. At Protein King’s rock bottom price of $64.95, that works out to be $1.44/serve which is excellent value for the ingredients and quality of the product.

Lets take a look at the key ingredients in closer detail:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – At 2000mg per serve, up from the previous 500mg, this is a nice dose of this important amino acid. Acetyl L-Carnitine’s main function is to promote the transportation of free fatty acids into the mitochondria (core of the cells), where they are then burned off as energy. Acetyl L-Carnitine also assists muscle recovery after strenuous exercise aswell as promotes optimal brain and heart function.
  • Nelumba Nucifera (Indian Lotus) – A relatively unknown supplement in today's western world of weight loss products, Platinum Labs claim to be the first to use the herb in their formula. This herb has actually been used for thousands of years throughout the East, to treat many ailments asbwell as being brewed in tea to promote euphoria and general well being.
  • Raspberry Ketones - Is a natural ketone compound found in red raspberries that gives them their sweet aroma. Raspberries (and more specifically Raspberry Ketones) are thought to help with weight loss by increasing norepinephrine uptake and may increase some measures of metabolism via the oxidation of body fat.*
  • CLA - CLA works to reduce body fat by preventing fat accumulation in fat cells. Fat normally enters the fat cell through a door that is controlled by an enzyme that acts as the key. By acting on this enzyme, CLA keeps the door locked. When the door is locked, fat cannot enter the cells and they are prevented from increasing in size. The less fat present in the cells, the smaller and less mature they become. This helps to reduce the level of fat in your body. The increased breakdown of fat helps to fuel and preserve muscle mass, which in turn increases lean muscle mass.

Aswell as contained a host of other popular weight loss supplements and stimulants such as Taurine, African Mango Extract, Green Coffee Bean and Green Tea Extracts and more, Platinum Labs Optiburn Amped has been a hot seller the moment it arrived into our warehouse.

This potent thermogenic will not only burn fat, but will help to suppress appetite, increase your energy levels, help shed stubborn water from your body, and enhance your mood. An important factor to consider for any successful weight loss program when junk food is eliminated, and a great deal of energy is being used exercising.

Flavours and sizes – Optiburn Amped comes in a 360g tub. There are 3 flavours to choose from; Lemon Lime, Peach, and Watermelon. All flavours are awesome and especially the Peach in particular is fantastic.

This is a great fat burner and the team here at Protein King believe you will love it! Combine your Optiburn Amped with a good solid nutrition and exercise plan and watch the fat melt away!

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