Promera Health Womens Elite Review


Promera Health Womens Elite Review

Promera Health Women’s Elite Review

Promera Health is one of the hottest brands on the supplement shelves today, and with its unmistakable yellow and black packaging, is also one of the most attractive. Inside those jars, though, are some of the most unique and best-conceived bodybuilding supplements available today. There’s little doubt why Promera’s popularity is increasing so quickly.

Women's Elite is the new female-specific pre-workout from Promera – one of only a few companies to offer a product like this. Women’s Elite combines only a few key ingredients, designed to boost your metabolism, fat loss, energy and muscle tone all in a single micro-dosed package.

Women’s Elite Key Ingredients

  • Con-Cret – Con-Cret is Promera’s signature creatine HCl supplement – an ultra-concentrated form of creatine that only needs to be taken in micro-doses. Creatine HCl doesn’t need to be loaded, either, and has been used by many people who find regular creatine monohydrate too harsh on the digestive system.
  • Capsicum Extract – Capsicum extract is a potent fat burner, and a key ingredient in Promera’s fat burner Capsi-Blast. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in capsicum, has been shown to significantly boost metabolic rate and fat burning potential.
  • Bioperine – Bioperine is a trademarked version of black pepper fruit extract – an ingredient which is used to increase the uptake and absorption of nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins. Bioperine greatly increases the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients taken in at the same time.

Women’s Elite Flavours & Sizes

Promera Women’s Elite Pre Workout comes in a 39.6g container (36 serves) in Mango and Strawberry Kiwi flavours.

Women’s Elite Dosage

Each serve of Women’s Elite is just 1.1g, providing 802mg of the creatine/capsicum/black pepper blend. While this is a comparatively tiny dose to most other pre-workouts on the market, the concentrated ingredients are not required in large doses, so you’ll still see some excellent results. Take 1-2 serves pre-workout depending on your energy levels and workout for that day.

Why we like Women’s Elite

  • Super-concentrated ingredients
  • Helps boost energy and burn fat
  • Two tasty flavours


Promera Health Women’s Elite Pre Workout is an ultra-concentrated yet powerful pre-training supplement in signature Promera style. With capsicum, creatine HCl and bioperine, there’s very little stimulant effect but some nice potential for energy production with the micro-dosed powerhouse Women’s Elite.

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