Protein King Gym Chalk FAQs

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Protein King Gym Chalk FAQs

Here at Protein King, we try to listen to what our customers want. We designed a premium protein shaker cup, an ultra-absorbent workout towel and now, our own brand of gym chalk. It's surprisingly hard to find good quality gym chalk in Australia.

Our Protein King Gym Chalk is excellent quality, 100% magnesium carbonate and non-toxic. It comes in a 2 ounce block, which is enough for weeks and weeks of use, and is offered at a great price.

Why do I need Gym Chalk?

If you've been lifting weights for a while, chances are you have some pretty hefty callouses on your hands. They only get rougher and larger as time goes on. Most of these callouses are formed from the knurling (diamond shaped cuts) on the barbells and dumbbells you've been using. The knurling tears away at the soft skin on your hands, and in its place grows the rough, puffy callous. Gym chalk reduces the irritation of the rough bars on your hand, reducing the formation of callouses.

Aside from the callouses (which are admittedly a badge of honour for some), gym chalk helps to prevent you losing grip on a bar or barbell. This is why gymnasts dip their hands in chalk before performing a routine on the bars or pommel horse. The chalk dries your hands as you lift, keeping your grip secure. Ever have a barbell slip out of your hands during a deadlift? Some people even use gym chalk on their backs before a heavy squat to help keep the bar in place.

Gym chalk is not just for bodybuilders! It's perfect for crossfit, gymnastics, pole dancing, weight lifting, rock climbing, and any other sport that requires maximum grip.

What's the Difference Between Gym Chalk and Regular Chalk?

Protein King's Gym Chalk is much softer than regular chalkboard writing chalk. If you squeeze a piece of chalkboard chalk between your fingers, it won't crumble - it needs to stay in one piece so you can write with it. Gym chalk, on the other hand, is made up of ultra-fine particles that crumble under pressure. This means you can break a piece off and crumble it into powder to coat your hands. It's much easier than trying to coat your hands with a solid stick of chalk.

How Long Does Gym Chalk Last?

One 2 ounce block lasts a surprisingly long time. If you're using it every workout, 5 days a week, you'll probably get a month's use out of every block.

How do I use it?

Easy, just break off a little piece, crumble it and cover your hands in it. You're better off doing it into a bag of some sort (a ziplock sandwich bag works perfectly) - that way you can store the unused pieces and not have chalk dust everywhere.

What if my Gym Doesn't Allow the Use of Chalk?

You should probably find another gym.

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