Protein Kings Best Fat Burner 2015

Protein King Best Fat Burner 2015

Protein King’s Best Fat Burner 2015

We can’t believe 2015 is already upon us, so what better way to bring in the new year then by picking our top supplements for the upcoming twelve months. Based on everything we can think of, including taste, value, ingredients, packaging and other criteria, we’ve selected the best supplements in each category to give you, our loyal customers, the ease of choice when it comes to stocking up on muscle builders, fat burners and everything else.

Our 2015 list includes Best Protein Powder, Best Fat Burner, Best Test Booster, Best Amino Acid Supplement, Best Protein Bar, Best Fat-Burning Protein, Best Joint Support Supplement, Best Weight Gainer, Best Shaker Bottle and Best Overall Brand. Let’s get started…

Summer is here, and with shred season comes demand for some of our favourite supplements – fat burners. They come in all shapes and sizes – pills, powders and even chewables, and it comes down to a personal choice as to whether you want to drink, eat or swallow your fat burners. For our ratings, you’ll generally get more fat loss ingredients in powders, so that’s why all five of our picks are powders. We’re picking our Best Fat Burner 2015 based on taste, fat burning ingredients, value for money and servings per container – all important aspects for a good thermogenic. We’ve also calculated how much each product will cost you per day (at Protein King’s current prices), so you can truly compare value for money. Here we go – our picks for Best Fat Burner 2015:

Runners up:

ANS Diablo

Taste: Very Good
Fat Burning Ingredients: Very Good
Days’ Supply Per Tub: 25
Cost Per Day: $2.00

ANS Diablo is a ‘pro thermogenic’, and while we don’t like the ‘increase up to three scoops per day’ offering on the label, there are some excellent ingredients in the product that will certainly get you some great results. At $2 per day, value is decent here, and with some good flavours on offer, ANS has offered up another solid product. Not quite best-in-class category, but very good nonetheless.

Dorian Yates Black Bombs

Taste: Good
Fat Burning Ingredients: Excellent
Days’ Supply Per Tub: 60
Cost Per Day: $1.22

Another excellent product, and strictly one serve per day makes Black Bombs excellent value for money. One tub will last two months, so you won’t need to be re-ordering every week or two like with some other products. Another high-stim product means it’s not for everyone, and only one flavour – Black Cherry – makes it tough for anyone who doesn’t like that flavour, but all-in-all Black Bombs is a great choice.

BPM Labs Liporush Powder

Taste: Good
Fat Burning Ingredients: Excellent
Days’ Supply Per Tub: 25 - 50
Cost Per Day: $1.30 - $2.60

You’re probably going to see BPM Labs featured on most of our 2015 Best lists – they’ve really been doing some excellent formulations over the past 12 months. Liporush Powder is no different – a great combination of ingredients makes it one of the best fat burners out there, and gave us more energy than any other on this list. They advise taking one serve daily, and two if you’re really brave – so factor that value in when deciding which product to go for. Either way, an excellent product. The taste takes a little getting used to – you can really taste the herbs in it, although that’s how we know we’re getting a decently-dosed product and not lolly water.

Nutrabolics Thermal XTC Powder

Taste: Good
Fat Burning Ingredients: Excellent
Days’ Supply Per Tub: 50
Cost Per Day: $1.32

Nutrabolics offers some of the best bodybuilding supplements on the market, and although a little pricey, they’re a boutique brand with a big following. Thermal XTC Powder is actually a great product at a great price, so it’s a natural choice for this list. Proprietary blends are unfortunately very common on this list, so we’re not surprised to see Thermal XTC feature one as well, but the ingredients listed are excellent. At around 3.5g per scoop, it’s the mid-point between a one-a-day and two-a-day serving size, so we gave them the benefit of the doubt. You can increase to two scoops per day, but we don’t think that’s necessary, so you’re getting 50 days at $1.32 per day in each tub, which is excellent value.


EHP Labs Oxyshred

Taste: Excellent
Fat Burning Ingredients: Excellent
Days’ Supply Per Tub: 60
Cost Per Day: $1.17

We’re almost getting sick of recommending EHP Labs Oxyshred to our customers, but again we just can’t go past what it offers. With what we believe is the best overall ingredient blend on the market, with four very nice flavours, and with 60 serves per tub at 5.1g/serve, we can honestly say this is one of the best fat burners we’ve seen. Even doubling the servings per day, you’ll be at around $2.34/day, which is still excellent value for a product this potent. The real question is will anyone create a product that can knock Oxyshred of its’ perch? Our Best Fat Burner 2015 is EHP Labs Oxyshred.

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