Quest Nutrition Protein Chips Announcement

Quest Nutrition Protein Chips Announcement

Quest Nutrition Protein Chips Announcement

Everybody, get excited! The insanely popular and incredibly delicious Quest Nutrition line is set to explode with the release of new Quest Nutrition Protein Chips! Quest is at the forefront of the release of high quality and nutritionally-superior snack foods, and if you’ve tried any of Quest’s protein bars, you know how delicious they are. It seems every few weeks Quest releases a new Quest Bar flavour, and we were recently treated to a whole new product – Quest Protein Cravings Peanut Butter Cups.

Just announced today, Quest Nutrition is going to soon release a game-changing snack food to its already impressive range – Quest Nutrition Protein Chips . The only other similar product we’ve seen were the now-discontinued Aussie Bodies Protein FX Low Carb Protein Crisps which were fairly popular, but lacked the texture and crunch of real potato or corn chips – they were a little dense. Now, Quest Nutrition has the ability to change all that, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the first box of Quest Protein Chips when they arrive down under very soon!

Quest Nutrition Protein Crisps – What we Know so Far

Quest Protein Chips will be available in three flavours – Sea Salt, BBQ and Cheddar & Sour Cream, and knowing Quest’s reputation, they will taste awesome. Each bag of chips is 32g, and contains 21g of protein, 5g carbs and 120 calories – extremely clean for a chip product! They will be available in boxes of 8 x 32g. Ingredients look to be a mix of milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, dried potatoes, corn starch and sunflower oil, as well as sea salt and flavours. Compare that to your everyday bag of crisps!

Quest Nutrition Protein Crisps – ETA

As of this writing, Quest Protein Crisps are not available anywhere in the world, but should be so within the next 1-2 weeks. We assume that very soon they’ll be on a plane/boat to Australia, and of course Protein King will be getting them available for purchase the second they arrive in our warehouse! Conservatively, look for the new Quest Protein Crisps to be available sometime in September 2014, with Australia-wide shipping from our Sydney location.

Keep Cheating Clean

With the release of Quest Protein Crisps, to add to the massive Quest Bar lineup and the recently released Cravings Protein Peanut Butter Cups, Quest is making it easier and easier to cheat clean. They’re also putting massive pressure on other supplement companies to provide healthy snacking alternatives that don’t use sugar alcohols, cheap protein sources and sugar to really just disguise a candy bar as a healthy alternative. Keep up the good work, Quest, and we look forward to ripping open that first bag of Crisps! I think we’ll start with BBQ…

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