Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones 

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are a natural phenolic compound that is found in a number of fruits, such as raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, peaches and grapes.

Where can I get Raspberry Ketones from?

Raspberry ketones are naturally present in a wide variety of foods, such as those listed above. It's estimated that 1-4mg of pure raspberry ketones are extracted from every kilogram of raspberries.

As well as naturally found in many fruits, raspberry ketones have recently been touted as a weight loss supplement (primarily by Dr Oz in the USA), and have become extremely popular. Raspberry ketone supplements usually provide around 100mg of ketones per capsule, and are widely available.

What are Raspberry Ketones's Benefits?

Raspberry ketones have been most commonly used as flavouring in foods and perfumes - the ketone is the extract of the fruit most associated with scent and flavour. Recently, though, raspberry ketones have been praised as a weight loss supplement, mainly due to two research studies performed on mice and rats. These studies showed that supplementing with raspberry ketones significantly reduced the body's ability to store fat, and after gaining fat through overfeeding, ketones assisted the body in restoring the body to its previous levels.

Raspberry ketones are believed to perform in a similar fashion to synephrine and capsaicin - two ingredients commonly used in fat burning supplements. These ingredients help the body to produce more adinopectin, a hormone responsible for reducing the amounts of glucose and body fat in the body. To date, no human trials have been performed using raspberry ketones.

What are Raspberry Ketones's Side Effects?

There have been no recorded side effects with raspberry ketone supplementation.

Raspberry Ketones Dosage

The dosage given to rats in research studies which showed significant fat loss results was 20g/kg of bodyweight, which equates to approximately 129 grams of raspberry ketones for an 80kg human. This dose is impossible to consume from ketone supplements or from natural sources. Most raspberry ketone supplements provide 100mg of raspberry ketones per capsule, which is a fairly uniform recommendation for these supplements. Until human research is performed, though, we won't know what an effective dose is.

Raspberry Ketones Supplements

Raspberry ketones are available in a number of supplements, most commonly in combinations in fat burners or on their own as pure raspberry ketone supplements. Some supplements including raspberry ketones are:

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